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Strong Speakers List Highlights DataRobot’s 2021 AI Experience Worldwide Conference

April 29, 2021
· 3 min read

The AI Experience Worldwide (Virtual) Conference, scheduled for May 11-12, 2021 in the APAC, EMEA, and Americas regions, is right around the corner. This year’s theme of The Hunt for Transformational Growth is designed to help organizations unleash the power of enterprise AI to improve forecasts, generate actionable insights, and unlock exponential growth for businesses worldwide. 

During the conference, participants will have the opportunity to learn how the DataRobot AI Platform drives digital transformation, discover practical insights unearthed by industry pioneers, find solutions to roadblocks that prevent their company from realizing AI’s potential, and find ways to adopt AI strategies that lead to measurable business results.

We are especially looking forward to hearing from our roster of first-rate speaker talent. This list includes:

Rachik Laouar is Head of Data Science for the Adecco Group. Rachik is working to transform that company’s products through data analytics and AI and will be speaking on the topic, Executive Track: Turning an Industry Upside Down

Rob O’Neill is Head of Analytics for the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, NHS Foundation Trust, where he leads teams focused on business intelligence, data science, and information management. Rob will be speaking on the topic, Technology Track: Predictive Healthcare Analytics Democratization.

Eric Weber is Head of Experimentation And Metrics for Yelp. Weber holds a PhD in mathematics and also teaches at Product Faculty and Propulsion Academy. Eric will be speaking on the topic, Executive Track: Under the Hood – Transforming Products with AI.

Kyle Treece is Senior Director And Group Product Manager for Overstock. He is putting his expertise in machine learning and web analytics to use for the thriving online retailer. Kyle will be speaking on the topic, Executive Track: Under the Hood – Transforming Products with AI.

Austin Chou is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, San Francisco. Austin is exploring the ability of big data analytics to deal with neurological trauma cases and will be speaking on AI for Good with DataRobot

Brian Banks is an Analytics And Data Advisor for the United States Agency for International Development. Brian is a specialist in using data-driven insights to improve water stewardship and will be speaking on AI for Good with DataRobot

Rayid Ghani is a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University where he is focused on using machine learning to drive improved public policy decisions. Rayid will be speaking on AI for Good with DataRobot.

Mark Coyne is Vice President for Operational AI at Cotiviti, a healthcare analytics company, where he has built out a robust, scalable AI platform that supports a set of reusable AI capability solutions. Mark will be speaking on the topic, Executive Track: AI Operations and the Importance of Monitoring Models.

Julian Forero is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Snowflake, the data cloud company, where he works with data science teams to drive product growth through data-driven insights. Julian will be speaking on the topic, Technology Track: Expanding the reach of Data Science with the Data Cloud.

Linda Klug is Founder and CEO of Airin, an artificial intelligence deep technology company that clones the cognitive reasoning of experts. Linda will be speaking on the CEO Panel: AI’s Role in Transformational Growth.

Conference participants will also hear from a stellar group of DataRobot leaders:

And of course, we’re looking forward to seeing our keynote speakers: Alexis Ohanian, founder of the venture-capital firm Seven Seven Six; and Bill Nye, popularly known as the Science Guy, Author and CEO – The Planetary Society.

These are exciting times for AI as we begin to see genuine, widespread impact from this powerful technology. Businesses around the world are deriving actionable insights from AI and machine learning as they capitalize on the power of data to deliver new products, connect with customers, and grow revenue.

Join us May 11th and 12th to learn more about how your business can experience transformational growth through AI.

AI Experience Worldwide

The Hunt for Transformational Growth

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