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AI Cloud for Retail is uniquely designed for today’s retail challenges and opportunities, creating personalized customer experiences, and ensuring supply chain and inventory forecasting while optimizing the costs of retail operations.


AI in Retail

In the face of unprecedented supply chain disruptions, evolving consumer buying patterns, and staffing and inventory shortages, AI Cloud for Retail delivers a once-in-a-generation opportunity for retail companies to implement actionable solutions that drive success. 

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Supply Chain Management

Predict shipment arrival times to foresee and mitigate potential disruptions to your supply chain.

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Demand Forecasting

Forecast daily demand by store, for returns, and for new products.

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Customer 360

Determine customer loyalty state, next best action, customer lifetime value using AI.

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Optimizing Operations

Enable AI-driven site selection, staff scheduling, and store foot traffic capacity planning.

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How AI Can Help You Get Ahead of Customer Needs This Holiday Season

See how AI can deliver a competitive advantage with demand forecasting and next best offer solutions.


Our Retail Customers Are Shaping the Future

AI Cloud for Retail is transforming the industry

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Retailers need AI Cloud to meet customer demands and innovate across their operations

Retail must become multifaceted, connected, agile, competitive— and above all—responsive to the ever-changing demands of the empowered consumer. AI Cloud is built to provide retail leaders with actionable solutions to their biggest challenges and drive success.

Discover more AI use cases for Retail

  • Inventory Forecasting

    Having the right products in the right place at the right time has never been more challenging. Through automation, advanced machine learning, and deep learning algorithms, AI can minimize out-of-stock and overstock issues by forecasting, at scale, the demand required for products. Machine learning models can create forecasts for up to 1 million series in each project.

  • Customer Retention

    Retention is difficult, and the estimated annual cost of churn in the United States alone is $1.6 trillion (Accenture). Across retail, businesses have relied on a variety of methods to reactivate customers who churn. But, it is difficult to identify customers who will churn ahead of time and reactivate them before it is too late. AI helps your marketers develop intimacy across your customer base by predicting which customers are likely to churn within a defined period of time. AI will inform your marketers of the top contributing factors of each customer’s likelihood of churn, allowing them to have a thorough understanding of how these relationships can be improved.

  • Determining Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

    There is an implicit assumption that a future value is associated with a customer, however, this future value can be entirely unquantified and therefore carries an uncertainty associated with decisions- such as how large of a discount to offer, and whether loyalty points expire. Although retailers may already use data-driven approaches to help identify the higher overall value of customers,machine learning offers a much more granular approach that candetermines decision-making at a personalized level to ensure that short term costs are balanced against the value of a long term relationship.

  • Optimizing Operations

    Many environments require work schedules several weeks in advance to support regulated environments. The combination of high variability and long lead times makes it difficult for supply chain managers to make accurate decisions on how many workers they should staff. According to McKinsey, staffing needs in distribution centers can have daily variabilities of up to 50 percent.

    With AI, have the power to more accurately forecast the volume of inbound shipments required, aligning proper resource and staffing levels. By learning the historical flow of goods through your distribution centers and understanding the most influential external factors, such as holiday demand and weather, AI will accurately forecast your demand in a way that takes into account the multi-dimensionality of the real world.


AI Cloud for Retail Demo: Demand Forecasting 

See how AI Cloud for Retail can be used to solve forecasting challenges such as out-of-stock issues and automatically perform unsupervised clustering to find like-groups of products.

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AI Cloud for Industries

AI Cloud for Industries is a new approach built for the demands, challenges and opportunities of AI today. 

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DataRobot brings unique value to organizations across all industries:
  • Over 100 best practices for delivering AI with maximum business impact
  • Dozens of Solution Accelerators. Third-party integrations and notebooks targeting industry use cases, acceleration the path from AI concept to production
  • No-code app building capabilities coupled with Decision Intelligence workflows that can be tailored to industry-specific business outcomes, closing the gap between data science and front-line business users
  • Unique third party integrations for data partners and technology solutions, extending AI to trusted enterprise systems and services
  • Flexibility to deploy DataRobot AI Cloud to any cloud, on premises and at the edge to support industry requirements for security, data governance and locality
  • Industry-leading AI Trust technology combined with key privacy and security certifications including ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, GDPR, CCPA and more
  • Advanced MLOps capabilities integrated with enterprise security and governance processes and tools, ensuring support for highly-regulated industries
  • Extensive education services through DataRobot University, building expertise for applying AI practices for the greatest impact to specific industries

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