What is DataRobot?

Simply put, the world’s only trusted enterprise AI platform.

What is DataRobot?

The DataRobot enterprise AI platform democratizes data science and automates the end-to-end process for building, deploying, and maintaining AI at scale. Powered by the latest open-source algorithms and available in the cloud, on-premise, or as a fully-managed AI service, DataRobot gives you the power of AI to drive better business outcomes.

How DataRobot works

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Enterprise AI

The ability to empower anyone to quickly and easily build AI applications and maintain them over time is perhaps the most important element of any successful enterprise AI platform. DataRobot is the first and only enterprise AI platform to address all 10 steps required to effectively automate the building and deployment of advanced AI applications. The only ingredients needed are curiosity and data — coding and machine learning skills are completely optional!


What is Enterprise AI?



Our platform and our enablement models have been developed with a relentless focus on delivering value and success for your organization. The DataRobot platform accelerates AI use case throughput by increasing the productivity of data scientists and empowering non-data scientists to build, deploy, and maintain AI without having to learn traditional data science methods. Instead of spending weeks or months developing and testing a few hand-coded machine learning models, your current team can build hundreds of models and deploy the best performing model in hours.

AI You Can Trust

We’re committed to delivering reliable AI that always works as planned so you have the confidence to make significant business decisions. Dedicated development teams are focused on providing an intuitive AI experience so you can easily understand predictions and forecasts that DataRobot made and explain them to others regardless of your level of data science skills. Built-in guardrails, automated model documentation, and other capabilities ensure human-centric AI that consistently shares your unique values and ethics.

AI You Own

Your AI infrastructure has the potential to be your most strategic asset, and you should own every aspect of it. That’s why we give you the flexibility to use DataRobot how and where you want it, with multiple options for building and managing your AI. You can deploy DataRobot on-premise or in a private or hybrid cloud environment using AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Or, use a fully DataRobot-managed SaaS offering with no infrastructure to manage. Your AI intellectual property remains yours with no vendor lock-in.

One platform, Runs anywhere

The DataRobot enterprise AI platform includes three independent but fully integrated products, and each can be deployed in multiple ways to match your business needs and IT requirements.

Then, choose the appropriate deployment option:

Full details on how to buy DataRobot, including what you can expect during the buying process, are available on our Getting Started with DataRobot page. We have been developing and refining our software and approach to customer success for nearly a decade, and have become the trusted AI technology and enablement partner for global enterprises that want to compete in today’s Intelligence Revolution.
Our users have built over a billion models, using hundreds of thousands of data sets, for thousands of different use cases. While other vendors are just getting started on their automated machine learning tools, DataRobot is delivering a robust, enterprise-grade software platform that creates transformative business value. Learn about our latest enhancements on our What's New page.
  • "The value of DataRobot became very clear to me when I used it in my own research work. I had a very strongly technical PhD student work with me on one predictive analytics task for a project that took two to three months. Then we pulled the same data into DataRobot to compare results, and in one hour, DataRobot had outperformed that PhD student by a factor of two, simply because he had missed a class of algorithms that worked really well for the data in question."

    Kai R. Larsen, PhD Associate Professor of Information Management
  • "Data is at the core of our business strategy to deliver an exceptional, personalized customer experience. DataRobot transforms the economics of extracting value from this resource. Our business professionals are involved in most projects, freeing our data scientists to focus on our most complex challenges."

    Akshay Tandon VP of Strategy Analytics, LendingTree
  • "Life before DataRobot was long, slow, and painful. DataRobot has really been able to revolutionize how we approach problem solving, both internally and with our clients."

    Jason Mintz VP of Product, DemystData

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