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AI APIs AND FRAMEWORKS DATA PLATFORMS Custom Chat APPLICATIONS Compose and Compare Compose and Compare Train and Tune Train and Tune Analyze and Transform Analyze and Transform BUILD BUILD Document and Comply Document and Comply Audit and Approve Audit and Approve Register and Manage Register and Manage GOVERN GOVERN Learn and Optimize Learn and Optimize Observe and Intervene Observe and Intervene Deploy and Run Deploy and Run OPERATE OPERATE Maximize Value Maximize Value GENERATIVE PREDICTIVE
Data Platforms
Integrate across your data infrastructure and orchestration systems in just a few clicks.
APIs and Service Integrations
Easily slipstream AI inputs and outputs into your existing tools, processes and infrastructure you’ve already invested in.
Business Applications and Intelligence
A strong ecosystem lets you ensure that AI can be consumed where end users want it.
AI Experimentation
Experiment with multiple LLMs, prompting strategies, or machine learning models and problem statements to build the best AI solutions for your business.
AI Production
Drive real results with AI by building bespoke GenAI apps and integrating generative and predictive AI solutions into your organization’s business-critical workflows and applications.
Applied AI Expertise
DataRobot and our Service Partners have successfully tackled over 1 million AI projects across a wide range of industries.
The ultimate flexibility and choice for deploying the platform on your infrastructure.

One Unified AI Experience

Operate with Confidence

Gain a complete 360° view of all your production models. Monitor and visualize model performance at any scale, and achieve continuous optimization with real-time alerts and rich insights for unparalleled enterprise monitoring and control.

Deploy and Run Learn and Optimize Observe and Intervene

“The value of having DataRobot as a single platform that pulls all the components together can’t be underestimated.”

Craig Civil

Director of Data Science & AI, BSI

Govern with Full Visibility

Maintain full AI oversight and govern AI efforts at scale. Unify your AI landscape, teams, and workflows. Consolidate AI assets in a unified registry to manage risk, comply with regulatory requirements, and control access or changes to production models.

Register and Manage Audit and Approve Document and Comply

“DataRobot is an indispensable partner helping us maintain our reputation both internally and externally by deploying, monitoring, and governing generative AI responsibly and effectively.”

Tom Thomas

Vice President of Data & Analytics, FordDirect

Build AI with Agility

Accelerate how you build and deploy AI using seamless workflows for both generative and predictive AI. Choose from best-of-breed components with our open AI ecosystem that gives you the freedom to adapt as your needs evolve.

Analyze and Transform Train and Tune Compose and Compare

“The generative AI space is changing so fast but the flexibility, speed, and interoperability of DataRobot is helping us stay on the cutting edge.”

Rosalia Tungaraza

AVP of AI, Baptist Health, South Florida

Less AI Friction, More AI Results. Get Started Today.

Unleash your skills on the platform that streamlines your predictive and generative AI workflows.

AI accelerators

AI Accelerators to Build, Deploy, and Manage GenAI Apps, Fast

Optimize Customer Support with Generative AI

Create generative AI agents to improve customer experience and loyalty, while reducing the workload on support teams, with our pre-built code template.

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Robust Monitoring of the Latest LLMs

Quickly and seamlessly enable custom performance monitoring of your existing generative AI solutions using our code template.

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Turnkey Ecosystem Integrations

Get the most value from AI with all components working together across the platform to drive tangible ROI.

Data Platforms

From connecting to data warehouses and data lakes, to integrating with feature stores, and deploying models across your cloud data warehouses, DataRobot gives you the ability to maximize your existing investments.

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AI APIs and Frameworks

With integrations across a broad ecosystem of APIs and services – from data labeling and orchestration systems to vector databases and LLMs – you can now seamlessly integrate existing investments and create innovative generative and predictive AI solutions.

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Integrate predictive and generative AI into the applications your business users rely on every day. Quickly deliver generative AI by using existing enterprise messaging applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams for a familiar, easy-to-use conversational interface. Ensure users will have the same predictions and forecasts across all consumption points, whether that’s business applications like SAP and Salesforce, or business intelligence tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.

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Flexible Deployment Options

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Deploy DataRobot via our managed SaaS environments. Available as Single Tenant SaaS, which is available on GCP, AWS, Azure, or as Multi-Tenant SaaS on AWS.

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Self Managed

Deploy in a VPC – Azure, AWS, GCP, or on-premises – leveraging container technologies such as Kubernetes to maintain full portability, control over performance, data security, and access.

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Support for All Stages of Your AI Journey

Generative AI Experts

Cultivate internal generative AI expertise and accelerate your competitive advantage with our advisory and enablement services.

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Services Partners

From strategy development to implementation, DataRobot Service Partners bring AI experience to help you achieve big results.

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DataRobot AI Experts

Guide projects with services from experienced data scientists, AI strategists, and AI engineers with deep AI expertise and broad use-case experience. 

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Support Hub

Connect with our community, submit a help ticket, find detailed tutorials, or contact us directly.

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Ask questions and gain insights from practitioners and applied AI experts.

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Access UI and API docs, platform release information, and admin guides.

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