Google Cloud and DataRobot

Raise Your AI Game from Predictive Insights to Generative Innovation.

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Modernize Your AI Ecosystem

Adopt the next generation of modern, seamless integration for your generative and predictive AI needs.

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Accelerate AI Value

Speed up your time-to-value with pre-built AI Accelerator templates and access to AI experts for impactful results.

Reduce Costs and Complexity

Simplify your AI lifecycle with DataRobot’s single-tenant or GKE deployment options, ensuring a secure and close-efficient approach.

Organizations today require technologies that enable trusted, governable AI and data analysis at scale. By deploying DataRobot AI Platform Single-Tenant SaaS and integrating it with leading cloud technologies like Google BigQuery and Looker, customers are equipped with the capabilities needed to make more AI-driven decisions with confidence and at business-level scale.
Sudhir Hasbe

Sr. Director, Product Management, Google Cloud

USA Today Enjoying a Modern End-to-end AI Solution

Using the DataRobot platform, we’ve automated many steps in the machine learning pipeline for hundreds of models. The synergy between Google and DataRobot helps us create a comprehensive solution for developing, deploying, and managing machine learning models. For example, we have added critical monitoring steps for models pre-built on the Google Cloud Platform. We are strategically exploring similar synergies for generative AI.
Arvind Thinagarajan

Head of Data Science & Analytics, Gannett | USA Today Network


Ensure success and value-driven results in your AI journey and embrace the next level of enterprise AI with the DataRobot AI platform and Google Cloud.

Specifically designed to support both predictive and generative AI, this integration not only gives you the AI governance and operations you’ve always wanted but also streamlines AI workflows with advanced capabilities. 

Deployment Options
  • Google Cloud – Single-Tenant SaaS
  • VPC installation on GKE
  • DataRobot Multi-Tenant SaaS
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