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Google Cloud Platform + DataRobot

AI Cloud Platform on GCP with DataRobot

Drive innovation and realize faster time to value, using the powerful and collaborative DataRobot AI Cloud platform on the flexible and easy-to-use Google Cloud Platform.

DataRobot AI Cloud helps organizations get AI and automated machine learning into production fast.

Your current team members, with any skill level and from any part of the organization, can collaborate using the latest machine learning technology. Google BigQuery enables users to build models, set up time series forecasting, run other types of analyses, or create predictions.

This solution is available on a private cloud platform from DataRobot, a Build partner within the Google Cloud partner program. Learn more about how DataRobot works on GCP.

DataRobot Deployment Options

DataRobot offers multiple deployment options to fit each customer’s unique needs. Customers can access the DataRobot platform via our public cloud, private managed cloud, or on-prem solutions.

hybrid cloud

Experience the world’s most powerful enterprise AI platform, offering the flexibility, agility, and security of a fully-managed cloud software service.

private cloud
Dedicated Managed Instance

A private managed instance reduces implementation time and accommodates data sovereignty issues. Choose to purchase using cloud credits.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers best-in-class infrastructure engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet, giving you the flexibility to scale quickly, while still maintaining administrative control.


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Native integration with Google Cloud features
With data moved to Google Cloud, DataRobot can interact seamlessly with the data. The solution supports end-to-end analysis and predictions using Google’s BigQuery tool.
Reduce friction to buy
With GCP, customers can buy the DataRobot AI Cloud platform using their committed GCP marketplace spend, helping them access and use their data more quickly.
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Accelerate time to value
Use the Google Cloud marketplace to purchase and begin using your AI Cloud solution quickly and easily. The DataRobot AI Cloud platform helps users deliver AI solutions into production, across the organization.