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Your Top Questions Answered

  • How to check the status of DataRobot

    We have launched a status page that reflects all the information related to service outages, scheduled maintenance, as well as historical uptime for our cloud hosted DataRobot instances.

    You can access and subscribe for notifications at

    We encourage DataRobot users to subscribe for updates by clicking the subscribe button

  • How to submit a Support Case

    1. Log into the Support Portal

    2. Click the ‘Create a Support Case’ button in the upper left corner.

    3. Click Support Request

    4. Fill in the fields with as much detail as possible. Three fields are required:

    Subject, Description, and Severity.


    • Level 1 – Critical: (On-Premise Installations only) Application is down
    • Level 2 – High: Software is disrupted – unexpected behavior
    • Level 3 – Normal: (Default level) Issue encountered, but it is not critical
    • Level 4 – Low: Product enhancement request

    5. Click Submit.

  • How to report a security vulnerability

    To submit a security vulnerability (CVE) report follow these steps:

    1. Download the example csv file and fill it in:

    • CVE ID
    • CVE Severity Level
    • Base Score
    • CVE Number Authority
    • Artifact
    • CVE Description

    2. Submit the csv file through the Security Vulnerability Submission form in the Support Portal. You will receive both a case to track this submission and an email acknowledging the CVE submission that goes over our response time to reply to the CVE submission.

    You can also access it from the Support Portal, go to “Create a Support Case” and Select “Security Vulnerability Submission.”

    3. You can track your CVE submission and all support cases by selecting My Cases under your account details.

  • How to track and update an existing Support case

    1. Log into the Support Portal

    2. Click My Cases in the upper left corner.

    3. You’ll see a list of all of your cases, as well as those you’re cc’d on. Click a case to launch it.

    4. You can review the case details here. You can click New to submit a comment with an update or additional request (e.g. to escalate or adjust the severity of the case).

    5. If you type a comment, please make sure to click Save to make sure your changes are saved.

We’re Here to Support You

Log into the Customer Support Portal to access insights, troubleshooting articles, API documentation, and the latest product release notes.

Having trouble logging in? Reach out to us at

If you have a critical issue, let us know by submitting a Severity 1 ticket.

How to Submit a Severity 1 Ticket:

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To use our 24/7 critical support service, first log into the Support Portal and submit a ticket.

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Submit a ticket and tag it as ‘Critical’ in the ‘Severity’ field.

support chat bubble

Our on-call support engineers will get an instant notification and respond ASAP with a Webex or Zoom meeting invite.

Go to Support Portal

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