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    Trusted AI 101: A Guide to Building Trustworthy and Ethical AI Systems

    Fostering trust in AI systems is a great obstacle to bringing transformative AI technologies into reality, such as autonomous vehicles or the large-scale integration of machine intelligence in medicine. The challenge is to translate guiding ethical principles and aspirations into implementation and make the responsible practice of AI accessible, reproducible, and achievable for all who engage with the design and use of AI systems. This is a tall order but far from an insurmountable challenge.

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    10 Keys to AI Success in 2021

    In our 10 Keys to AI Success in 2021 ebook, we draw from the engaging conversations we’ve had with guests on our More Intelligent Tomorrow podcast series to show how organizations are overcoming hurdles and realizing the enormous rewards that AI can bring to any organization.

  • Ebook

    The AI-Powered Supply Chain: Better Demand Forecasting and Operational Excellence

    With the recent global and regional socio-economic disruptions caused by the pandemic, industries such as retail, consumer products, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and life sciences all struggle to align production and stocking with rapidly shifting purchasing demands. At the same time, some channels have surged ahead: online retailers, delivery services, and pharmacies are thriving. In this new reality, organizations without a robust and agile predictive capability face supply chain management challenges.


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