DataRobot Partner Program

DataRobot’s growing ecosystem of partners helps our customers implement and integrate AI-driven solutions across the enterprise. Find out more.

What is the DataRobot Partner Program?

DataRobot’s Partner Program provides our partners and customers a flexible path to driving business value with AI via a straightforward, profitable, and strategic partner engagement environment.

A pay-for-performance structure rewards consulting and transformational partners’ efforts based on customer engagement and transaction type. We are committed to the success of our Channel Partners, and our program is enriched with tools, training and collaboration needed to grow and strengthen our Partners’ business.

Our cloud and technology partners expand our platform’s interoperability within the modern data stack, offering our customers a variety of integrations with ISV and hyperscaler solutions.

We provide a variety of resources, including platform enablement, and technical support, to ensure our joint customers have a seamless AI/ML experience.

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  • Cloud Alliance
    Our Cloud Partners provide our customers with flexible options for procurement, deployment, and integration. DataRobot’s listing on AWS, Azure, and GCP marketplaces simplifies procurement by allowing customers to utilize their surplus cloud spend. The platform can be flexibly deployed across all major cloud vendors and features first-class integrations with a variety of tools and product suites, such as GCP BigQuery.
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  • Consultative Partners
    Our Consulting Partners deliver unparalleled customer success by building thriving practices that are focused on transforming their customers’ businesses. In addition to offering their unique services and capabilities, Consulting Partners resell DataRobot to deliver increased value to their customers.
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  • Transformational Partners
    We enable and empower our Transformational Partners to build highly qualified and value-driven solutions for their customers. By leveraging DataRobot, our Transformational Partners design, plan, develop, and implement strategic product offerings that unleash immense value to their customers.
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  • Technology Alliances
    Our Technology Alliance Program arms our customers with a library of innovative integrations developed in collaboration with world-class technology companies. The program expands the interoperability of our end-to-end platform, allowing customers to seamlessly utilize AI/ML in concert with their existing data stacks, such as complementary platforms and applications.
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