DataRobot AI Platform
Deployment Infrastructure

Deploy DataRobot your way, whether it’s via our managed SaaS environments, self-managed in your VPC environments, or your own hardware.

Multi-Tenant SaaS

Highly scalable and secure, with robust infrastructure and data protection measures in place, our Multi-Tenant SaaS deployment offering provides businesses of all sizes with access to the DataRobot AI Platform without the need for extensive IT resources.

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Accelerated Time to Value

Get up and running within hours, with no lag time to start building, deploying models, and delivering value back to business. Stay ahead of the competition and drive meaningful insights for your business.

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Low Total Cost of Ownership

Don’t worry about hardware installation, infrastructure setup, security, performance monitoring, or computing costs because we take care of everything.

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Robust Security and Governance

DataRobot AI Platform is SOC 2 Type II certified, and our EU-based cloud solution is GDPR-compliant to meet industry standards and best practices for information security, corporate controls, software development, and data protection across the globe.

Single-Tenant SaaS

A premium managed service on the cloud and region of your choice, with the security and isolation of a self-managed deployment. 

Our Single-Tenant SaaS address specific needs such as data sovereignty requirements – whether they’re geographic or regional or a specific cloud region – as well as stringent data security or isolation needs. You can access it from the public internet with the optional network configuration in lieu of private endpoints.

It also comes with zero downtime upgrades; seamless switchover and  deployments with zero downtime during upgrades which keeps production workloads running without any interruption.

HIPAA Compliant

DataRobot’s HIPAA-compliant single-tenant SaaS, available on Azure and AWS, empowers healthcare organizations to confidently manage sensitive healthcare data and access secure AI-driven insights.

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Start Driving Value From AI

And help your team deliver up to 4.6x ROI.