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  • Combatting the $2tr AML Compliance Problem with Intelligent Automation

    Join us live as we discuss how the combination of AI and RPA has helped financial services companies to successfully implement intelligent automation and enhance risk management. Learn how they have improved operational efficiencies of KYC/AML compliance processes by reducing the number of false positive alerts by 60%, while automating 40% of the business process. 

  • Putting the Science Back in Data Science

    DataRobot has kept pace with this acceleration and offers a wide set of tools for data scientists. In this webinar, we show how to extend Python to try multiple modeling approaches (anomaly, time series, multiclass), create sophisticated feature engineering across multiple datasets, and even build hundreds of diverse models with a few lines of code. We’ll discuss how data scientists save time, get more accurate results, and most important, create value for their organizations.

  • See DataRobot in Action

    During this live webinar, we’ll walk you through a demonstration of how the platform works, highlight some features from the most recent 7.0 release of DataRobot, and answer your questions.


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