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  • Machine Learning Informed Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

    Empiric Health partnered with DataRobot in March of 2020, implementing a machine learning (ML) model factory to monitor performance and increase AI engine expansion. Integration of a machine learning-informed AI engine provides benefits from both methodologies -- the ability to scale and expand quickly (ML) as well as traceability and clear, human understandable logic explanations (AI).

  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Tackling AI Bias

    The stories of bias in AI are everywhere: Amazon’s recruiting tool, Apple’s credit card limits, Google’s facial recognition, and dozens more. The quick solution is just to blame the algorithm and its designers. However, the only way to create fairer AI is to understand the true source of the model’s bias.

  • Embracing AI & Machine Learning in Telecommunications

    As COVID-19 forces society to prioritize telecommuting and embrace digital adoption, the telco market has been significantly upended. This new paradigm has opened up opportunities for early adopters but created massive churn risk for laggards. AI represents new opportunities for telcos to grow market share, offer new services, operate networks more efficiently, and further reduce cost per megabyte.

  • DataRobot + Tableau:

    Unlocking AI for BI

    In your organization, you’re the person who is asked to unlock data insights to make better decisions. You're at ease with analyzing both past and current conditions, but know you can go deeper. You are ready for the next step: insights that can help your company scale its predictions exponentially.

  • Best Practices for AI and ML in Financial Markets with Automated Machine Learning

    Machine learning techniques cannot magically make "signal" appear out of thin air, nor can they make unstable factors more stable. Data science typically succeeds where there are complex behaviors that can be described in data and where consistent inputs lead to consistent "predictable" outcomes.


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