Upcoming webinars
  • Model Building: Using Small Datasets to Build Models

    As the global coronavirus pandemic is causing major disruptions to communities and the economy, many existing data science models struggle to adapt to these shifts due to a shortage of available data. Join our webinar "Using Small Datasets to Build Models" hosted by Dave Heinicke and Rajiv Shah, both Customer-Facing Data Scientists at DataRobot.

  • An Enterprise AI Strategy to Accelerate your Organization toward Value-Based Care

    The pressure to deliver higher quality care while reducing the cost of care is driving, among other things, the adoption and expansion of value-based care programs. AI is an enabler for accelerating toward value-based care but getting there requires a different mindset and a foundation-building AI strategy. Learn how Symphony Care Network overcame barriers and established a foundation for AI-enabled expansion of their value-based care programs and beyond.


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