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  • Using AI to Predict Customer Churn in the Telecommunications Industry

    In this webinar, Ignacio Vilaplana, Lead Data Scientist at Euskaltel (Virgin Mobile), and Federico Castanedo, Lead Data Scientist at DataRobot, will discuss how to overcome the challenges to effectively apply AI in Telecommunications, reduce churn and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) with AI, and determine which customers are valuable and worth retaining.

  • Combatting the $2tr AML Compliance Problem with Intelligent Automation

    Join us live as we discuss how the combination of AI and RPA has helped financial services companies to successfully implement intelligent automation and enhance risk management. Learn how they have improved operational efficiencies of KYC/AML compliance processes by reducing the number of false positive alerts by 60%, while automating 40% of the business process. 


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