Pricing plans to meet your needs

The DataRobot AI Platform is priced as an annual subscription. Organizations can customize their solution to meet business goals.

Business Critical
Interactive notebooks
Prep Modeling Data
No-Code data prep
Automated Feature Discovery
Build Models
Automated deep learning
Multilabel classification
Multi-model clustering
Advanced tuning
Composable ML
Segmented modeling
Make Business Decisions
No-Code apps
Sharing permissions
Model Operations and Performance
Custom inference models
Service health monitoring
Drift monitoring
Real-time predictions
Data connections
Scoring code export
Deploy to external environments
Manage and monitor external models
Validate and Govern Models
Usage reports
Bias and fairness
Approval workflows
Automated compliance documentation
Platform Deployment
Multi-Tenant SaaS
Single-Tenant SaaS
Self-Managed VPC
Self-Managed On-premise
Industry Analyst Report
Delivering up to 4.6X Return on Investment

How to Buy DataRobot

DataRobot is available to be purchased through a variety of ways that best suit your organization.

Through DataRobot

The DataRobot global sales team helps you structure the best deployment for your business goals.

Contact Sales
Through a Partner

A network of global partners are authorized to resell DataRobot AI Platform and provide services.

Find a Partner
Cloud Marketplaces

Purchase DataRobot with your existing cloud credits in Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.


Purchase DataRobot On a Cloud Marketplace

DataRobot AI Platform is available across the most popular cloud marketplace sites, enabling you to purchase with your cloud credits. Simplify the purchase process by choosing to purchase through a marketplace.

FAQ: DataRobot Pricing

Learn more about the DataRobot AI platform editions.

  • How is the DataRobot AI Platform priced?

    The DataRobot AI Platform is available as an annual subscription. Organizations can customize their solution to incorporate the functionality they need to meet their business goals.

  • What is the total cost of ownership for the DataRobot platform? What ROI can I expect?

    Analyst firm ESG calculated that the DataRobot platform can provide a 3.5x to 4.6x expected return on investment (ROI) to deliver the required analytics capabilities for the organization. This figure is using the expected savings (operational costs and unrealized benefits) provided versus using an existing team or building internal capabilities.

  • What kind of support does DataRobot offer?

    DataRobot offers multiple support plans to ensure that customers have the hands-on expertise they need to meet their goals. Support packages provide access to our teams of data scientists and AI engineers, and include access to DataRobot University, where users can find in-depth training.

  • How quickly can I start using DataRobot?

    Organizations need to see both business impact and an accelerated time to value. Your competitive advantage can come from how quickly you can deploy and iterate on models, plus unlock the ROI from models that are in the pipeline.

  • How can I request a DataRobot quote?

    Please contact us and a team member will be happy to help you with a quote discussion.

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