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Get to Value Fast with Our New AI Accelerators and Service Packages

June 15, 2023
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At DataRobot we get to work with the best data science teams all around the world on some of the most interesting projects, and what we’ve learned by working throughout our decades of experience is success and value from AI has nothing to do with algorithms. It takes a different approach to move away from legacy model-driven or data-driven AI and into value-driven AI. 

Many that I speak to are trying to transition their teams and focus to value-driven AI, and view our world-class data scientists, AI strategists, and AI engineers as their copilots in this journey. Earlier this year, we launched two new ways to tap into this expertise:

  • AI Accelerators: Code-first, modular building blocks to jumpstart your AI projects.
  • Service Packages: Curated offerings to rapidly get you to the next stage of ML maturity.

Jumpstart Your AI Projects with AI Accelerators

For over a decade, we’ve worked with data teams on thousands of ML projects across the world’s most recognized organizations. We’ve heard our customers’ feedback about what works, and we know what’s needed to move the needle with ML. That’s why we’ve created AI Accelerators.

AI Accelerators are designed to help speed up model experimentation, development and production using the DataRobot API. They codify and package our expertise in building and delivering successful ML projects into repeatable, code-first workflows and modular building blocks. AI Accelerators are ready right out-of-the-box, work with the notebook of your choice, and can be combined to suit your needs.

We’ve designed them to help you: 

1. Get the best data science techniques right at your fingertips.

Think of AI Accelerators like modular lego building blocks built by the best data scientists in the world, curated specifically for you. They provide a template that is simple to understand and use. Giving you the best ways to set up a problem, you can do things like customize a view to your liking, or rank models by ROI. Getting started is as straightforward as finding an AI Accelerator that interests you, and copying and pasting the GitHub URL link into your notebook. You then have a ready to go.

2. Jumpstart a new AI or ML project.

Some AI Accelerators are designed to be functional and quickly get you the insights you need to experiment. Others help you stretch your skills and move beyond model-centric ML approaches to value-centric ones. Still more showcase unique DataRobot capabilities that positively change the way ML practitioners can solve problems. Whatever use case you have in mind, whether that’s a recommendation engine, or cold-start forecasting the chances are that we’ve done it or something close to it and have an AI Accelerator you can use, so you never have to start from a blank notebook again. It’s also not a static resource. We add new AI Accelerators every week to keep our library dynamic and up-to-date, and we invite comments on what you’d like to next see.

3. Fine-tune your projects and maximize your existing ecosystem.

Our AI Accelerators are modular. They can be fine-tuned to specific problems and combined to get the precise insights you need for your projects. And because the DataRobot AI Platform is designed to give you choice and unify your teams and ecosystems, AI Accelerators help you get the most out of existing data and infrastructure investments.

They are built for every major cloud data warehouse, as well as popular, open-source toolkits and different data types. For example, the Automated Future Discovery Accelerator provides a step-by-step pipeline from data to deployment. This is ideal if you have Snowflake and are struggling with an ML project where data exists in many tables. And because AI Accelerators can be used in the notebook of your choice, you can use them in Jupyter, Databricks, or native DataRobot Notebooks.

With AI Accelerators, never having to start a project from scratch anymore. Instead, you will have all the applied expertise of our technical teams at your disposal.

To see AI Accelerators in action, visit DataRobot.com/AIAccelerators.

Unlock the Next Stage of Your ML Journey with Specialized Partners and Our New Service Packages 

No matter where you are on your AI journey, from early days to quite advanced, there are challenges throughout the journey and they change as you move up the maturity curve. We’ve seen them firsthand working with our customers over the years. 

With this knowledge we’ve curated a set of strategic channel partners and a new set of service offerings designed to meet you where you are, help you de-risk your ML investment, accelerate your journey up the AI maturity curve, and give you a strong foundation for operationalizing at scale with the DataRobot AI Platform.

Our curated set of partners have specialized industry expertise with AI and ML as well as deep backgrounds in helping you modernize your AI and ML lifecycle. If you’re needing help migrating your models from on-prem to the cloud, integrating our Production into your ecosystem, or establishing compliance workflows with your model risk management with DataRobot, they have done it. You have a set of trusted partners that you can turn to to help you throughout your AI and ML journey. 

In addition, we are offering a set of service packages to help you get started with DataRobot and get started fast. Our foundational elements quickly get you where you want to be in your AI journey – helping your teams develop and deploy models and generate value within just 90 days:

image 2

We also offer specialty packages to focus on what’s most important to you and help you achieve great outcomes.

image 3

The combination of AI Accelerators, Service Packages, and our partner ecosystem lets you leverage our expertise to tap into our proven success delivering complex, specific, and targeted requirements in a way that works for you. The result? Your organization will be able to better balance people, process, innovation, and tech at scale and rapidly accelerate its path to value with AI.

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About the author
Lisa Aguilar
Lisa Aguilar

VP of Product Marketing and Field CTOs, DataRobot

Lisa Aguilar is VP of Product Marketing and Field CTOs at DataRobot, where she is responsible for building and executing the go-to-market strategy for their AI-driven forecasting product line. As part of her role, she partners closely with the product management and development teams to identify key solutions that can address the needs of retailers, manufacturers, and financial service providers with AI. Prior to DataRobot, Lisa was at ThoughtSpot, the leader in Search and AI-Driven Analytics.

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