Jen Underwood Joins DataRobot to Support Expanding Legion of Business Analyst Users

October 9, 2018

Business Intelligence Expert Leads the Charge to Put AI Directly into the Hands of Analytics Professionals

Boston, October 9, 2018DataRobot, the creator of the automated machine learning category, announced that it has appointed Jen Underwood to lead the company’s rapidly growing community of citizen data scientists. These highly capable and motivated business analytics professionals prize DataRobot’s unparalleled ability to deliver cutting-edge machine learning solutions to high-value business problems–without getting bogged down in programming and statistics chores. Jen brings a unique blend of product management and design skills, honed over 20 years of experience developing enterprise reporting, visualization, and analytics solutions.

Modern enterprises have realized that they must deploy AI-powered solutions throughout their organizations to anticipate customer needs, avoid operational hiccups, and outmaneuver aggressive competitors. However, a critical shortage of data science personnel, combined with steep algorithm learning curves and programming requirements, throttle their ability to capitalize on the promise of machine learning. But with DataRobot’s end-to-end automation, existing analytics professionals can turn their deep familiarity with enterprise data and quantitative understanding of business challenges directly into deployed AI applications.

“If you put designated data scientists on the critical path to deploying every machine learning application, you’ll leave 90 percent of your potential AI business advantage on the table. There’s just too much of a mismatch between that resource and your high-value opportunities. Of course, if you adopt oversimplified solutions that use a limited set of algorithms or skip advanced steps like feature engineering or prediction optimization, you’re also hamstringing yourself. Only DataRobot gives you the best of both worlds,” said Jeremy Achin, DataRobot CEO. “Jen’s mission is to empower, organize, and lead the burgeoning crowd of capable and motivated business analytics professionals that want to fill the resource gap and help level up their organizations into AI-driven enterprises.”

Jen will scale DataRobot’s community of citizen data scientists so that they have the ability, infrastructure, and support necessary to seize opportunities that deliver real business value for their organizations. She will also guide product strategy and design to meet the needs of this community as it rapidly grows and evolves in response to an ever-increasing number of compelling business use cases. Ultimately, Jen’s goal is to make sure that no enterprise gets passed up by the AI revolution due to a lack of specialized talent.

Prior to joining DataRobot, Jen founded Impact Analytix, LLC, where she provided independent industry research and consulting, and wrote about analytics innovation. She also held worldwide product management roles at Microsoft and served as a technical lead for global system implementation firms.

“While predictive model automation concepts are not new, the extraordinary approach DataRobot applied to the process with built-in best practices and optimizations, as well as breakthrough support for career-driven analytical talent without data science expertise, is truly unique,” said Jen. “While many solutions claim to bring unprecedented speed-to-insight and enhanced competitive advantage, DataRobot is by far the deepest, yet easiest automated machine learning solution I’ve seen, providing the ultimate platform for accurately solving complex problems that truly transform information overload into actionable knowledge.”

The DataRobot automated machine learning platform empowers highly motivated analytics professionals to build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time of traditional modeling methods without requiring programming skills.

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