DataRobot’s Response to the EU AI Act

March 14, 2024

The European Parliament’s vote of support for the EU AI Act marks a watershed in the rapid evolution of AI technology. The EU AI Act establishes the regulatory standard for AI, transforming how organizations globally build, operate, govern and apply AI.

DataRobot is proud to support the EU AI Act. We believe in the advancement of safe, secure and responsible AI. 

Every organization now faces the challenge of navigating and implementing a complex landscape of AI regulations to remain compliant. With hundreds of customers deploying and managing AI in production, we understand what it takes to govern AI safely and at scale.

DataRobot delivers best-in-class AI governance and observability, empowering organizations to maintain full visibility and oversight, mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance with confidence.

Here are key themes of the EU AI Act and how the DataRobot AI Platform can help your organization anticipate and accelerate compliance with the new requirements:

Risk management and comprehensive compliance

The EU AI Act categorizes AI systems into four risk levels: unacceptable, high, limited, and minimal or no risk. It mandates regular updates, real-world testing, and consideration of impacts on vulnerable groups. The AI Act also integrates with sector-specific risk management processes to ensure high-risk AI systems are safe, reliable and compliant. 

With the DataRobot AI Platform, organizations have visibility across every AI project in development, testing and production, providing a clear system of record across cloud and hybrid environments.

Monitoring, technical documentation and human oversight

Among other monitoring requirements enforced in the EU AI Act, organizations must implement proportionate post-deployment monitoring to evaluate continuous compliance of the AI system by collecting and analyzing performance data. This involves active collection, documentation, and analysis of data on performance – including interactions with other AI systems – while excluding sensitive data from law enforcement deployers. 

The DataRobot AI Platform is built to meet these requirements with advanced governance and AI monitoring capabilities. 

Our human-in-the-loop approach ensures that human oversight is maintained throughout the AI lifecycle, with intuitive interfaces and dashboards that allow stakeholders to review, understand, and manage AI systems effectively.

DataRobot also provides compliance documentation tools and professional services, such as enablement sessions and AI accelerators, to deliver complete AI oversight, enable rapid incident response, and foster cross-team collaboration.

Robust, secure and high-quality data management framework

The EU AI Act calls for the use of high-quality data sets, with a focus on robustness, accuracy and cybersecurity. 

The DataRobot AI Platform gives customers access to quality management systems and comprehensive logging capabilities, enabling organizations to maintain detailed records and remain accountable and fully transparent. 

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DataRobot is designed to help organizations manage risk, with the visibility, agility and flexibility to govern AI at scale and to meet current and evolving regulatory requirements. 

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