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  • "What DataRobot was able to accomplish in the first hour was more thorough and accurate than models we had built over the prior month."

    Dave Truzinzki

    Chief Digital Officer, Crest Financial

  • "DataRobot had significantly reduced time spent on creating and tuning predictive models. I've been able to become far more productive and get models into service more quickly than ever before -- all of which helps Traveloka deliver the best travel deals to our customer."

    Arditto Trianggada

    Data Scientist, Traveloka

  • "DataRobot's platform makes my work exciting, my job fun, and the results more accurate and timely -- it's almost like magic!"

    Nathan Patrick Taylor

    VP Analytics Strategy, Symphony Post Acute Network

  • "I think we need to take it upon ourselves in the industry to build the predictive models that understand what the needs and wants of our customers are, and go through the whole curation process, become their concierge."

    Oliver Rees

    GM of Torque Data, Virgin Australia

  • "At LendingTree, we recognize that data is at the core of our business strategy to deliver an exceptional, personalized customer experience. DataRobot transforms the economics of extracting value from this resource."

    Akshay Tandon

    Vice President of Strategy and Analytics, LendingTree

  • "Data-driven marketing communications result in subscribers receiving fewer, better-targeted emails which strengthen relationships between DR Koncerthuset and its subscribers."

    Kim Gregersen

    Solutions Architect, One Marketing

  • "「LendingTree 社にとってデータはビジネス戦略の中核にあり、一人ひとりに合った卓越した顧客エクスペリエンスを提供するうえで欠かせません。DataRobot を導入して以来、この資源から低コストで価値を引き出せるようになりました」"

    Akshay Tandon 氏

    LendingTree 社 Strategy and Analytics 部門副部長

  • "「弊社は、この業界で主体的に動く必要があると考えています。具体的には、顧客のニーズを理解する予測モデルを構築し、キュレーションプロセスを通して顧客のコンシェルジュになるべきだと考えています」"

    Oliver Rees

    Virgin Australia 社の子会社 Torque Data 社ゼネラルマネージャ

  • "「データ駆動型マーケティングによって、ターゲットをよく絞り、各購読者に関係のあるメールのみを送信可能になりました。これにより、DR Koncerthuset と購読者との関係を強化することができました」"

    Kim Gregersen

    One Marketing 社ソリューションアーキテクト

Building a competitive advantage with AI

DataRobot offers an automated machine learning platform, as well as services and education to jumpstart your transformation to an AI-driven enterprise. At DataRobot, we recognize these four fundamentals to AI success:

Maintain a laser focus on measurable impact to earnings

Teach the entire organization to spot AI opportunities

Accelerate AI wins by enabling more users and addressing more projects

Seek and destroy all barriers to AI innovation

DataRobot transforms model building

Keeping up with the ever-growing ecosystem of algorithms has never been this easy

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