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DataRobot Announces Seminar Focused on Data Science Skills for Executives

September 13, 2016

DataRobot University Curriculum Now Offers Sessions to Show Executives How to Identify Opportunities to Optimize Their Business with Machine Learning

BOSTON — September 14, 2016 Data science automation pioneer DataRobot today announced an addition to its DataRobot University curriculum designed to help executives learn to identify top data science opportunities, spot key points in the machine learning life cycle where executive oversight really matters, and effectively address the chronic shortage of skilled data scientists. Data Science for Executives is a half-day offering that teaches executives interested in the benefits of advanced data science how to identify opportunities to optimize their business using machine learning.

McKinsey Global Institute has projected that by 2018 there will be a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts with the necessary analytics and data science expertise to fill demand in the U.S. alone. Data Science for Executives is the latest addition to DataRobot University programs that help organizations address the challenge of building data science teams, and strengthen all aspects of their data science capabilities. With advanced tools like DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform, organizations of all sizes can increase the productivity of their existing data teams by making members of all skill levels able to create, test and deploy predictive models faster than ever before.

“DataRobot has attracted some of the world’s best data scientists, and their insights are at the core of the DataRobot University curriculum,” said Sylvain Jaume, Ph.D. in Data Science and Business Analytics. “By emphasizing the key skills data scientists really need, DataRobot shifts the focus of machine learning practice from algorithmic details to rapid, effective and widespread application.”

DataRobot University delivers relentlessly practical data science education taught and designed by expert data scientists. Course offerings cover a wide range of topics, from machine learning basics to expert classes for advanced data science techniques. In addition to Data Science for Executives, the following programs are available to strengthen data science teams:

  • DataRobot Essentials: Provides expert advice on best practices throughout the machine learning life cycle, with hands-on examples using the DataRobot platform
  • Advanced DataRobot with Python: Advanced training including use of Python with DataRobot and the DataRobot Application Programming Interface
  • DataRobot Custom Client Training: On-site training customized to an organization’s specific  data environment, team, and predictive analytics projects
  • Data Science Team Development: A real world, project-based curriculum to help teams learn what the world’s best data scientists know

“When executives have the knowledge to effectively define data science projects based on business objectives, and the understanding to champion predictive analytics within an organization, great things happen,” said Jeremy Achin, Company CEO and Co-Founder. “Data Science for Executives is a logical extension of our work in democratizing data science and creating ‘citizen data scientists’. This seminar offers executives the context they need to build a world-class data science team.”

Details and registration information for DataRobot University programs can be found at https://www.datarobot.com/education/.


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DataRobot provides a high performance machine learning automation software platform and an innovative practical data science education program that work together to provide the fastest path to data science success for organizations of all sizes.  For more information, visit datarobot.com.  

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