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Relentlessly Practical AI Education

DataRobot is committed to educating users to effectively solve problems. DataRobot University provides a variety of options. You can select the type of training that works best for you.

DataRobot University

No matter your role or skill level, our educational programs help you along your journey to make smart decisions using DataRobot. Choose from role-based learning paths that include instructor-led or self-paced courses, labs, and more. This education enables you to become your company’s certified expert.

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Learning Path

Our learning paths guide you through our curriculum to get you started quickly. We have learning paths based on skill-level, role, and area of interest.

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Browse our full catalog of offerings. Filter by delivery type, skill level, topic, or search for new offerings.

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Get Certified

Our certification measures proficiency at performing specific tasks and validates your skills using automated AI with DataRobot.

Citizen Data Scientists Professional Certification Level I

The first professional certification offered by DataRobot for those who want to validate their expertise and earn a credential in solving business problems using automated AI with DataRobot.

DataRobot Education Specialty Programs

DataRobot University’s offerings are designed to help DataRobot customers and partners get the most out of DataRobot to solve business problems. Because DataRobot strongly believes in the importance of AI education, we offer additional programs targeted at specific groups.

If you would like more information about DataRobot Education, email us