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DataRobot awarded prestigious status

"AWS Machine Learning Competency"

A better way to learn data science

The old fashioned way

Traditional data science education can be overwhelming. Mathematics, statistics, programming, algorithms — each of these subjects takes years to master. What’s worse, even mastery doesn’t give you the practical skills and experience needed to solve real-world business problems.

The old fashioned way

The DataRobot approach

DataRobot University begins with the practical, teaching you what you need to know to start solving real-world problems immediately. Because most of the technical work is automated by our machine learning software, training focuses on other skills you need to ensure success. This includes topics like scoping and framing data science projects, avoiding common mistakes, and communicating solutions to others in your organization.

The DataRobot approach

DataRobot is designed by some of the world’s best data scientists


Learn their practical techniques for accurate prediction and actionable understanding.


See how modern tools increase focus on business insights by automating mathematical detail.


Learn expert best practices to make modeling faster, easier, less error-prone, and more successful.

  • The ease of use and analytical accuracy provided by DataRobot will help in the classroom by freeing me to focus on the 'business' part of Business Analytics. This has been elusive in the past because of the high learning threshold of other tools that I've used.

    Kai R. Larsen, PhD Associate Professor of Information Management

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