Monitoring All Your Models with DataRobot MLOps Agent

July 31, 2020
· 1 min read

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Do you have machine learning models that are running outside of DataRobot? Is your organization using a set of diverse tools and platforms to deploy models, despite what IT wants? In this webinar we discuss how DataRobot can help manage ALL of your models regardless of where you deploy them; these include:

  • Models runnings as stored procedures in a modern database.
  • Models already in production, running on your infrastructure
  • Models deployed to edge devices

This session will explore and demonstrate how DataRobot’s MLOps agent framework allows anyone to monitor models deployed externally, to DataRobot MLOps platform. Using the agent frameworks enables you to monitor service health, predictions over time, data drift, etc., through the GUI or API.

In this session, we provide an overview of the MLOps agent framework and walk through some examples.

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Find out more about the process of selecting a target variable by visiting our public documentation portal and navigating to the MLOps Agent section.

DataRobot MLOps Agents

Provide Centralized Monitoring for All Your Production Models

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