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AI Heroes: Spotlight on the Champions of the Intelligence Revolution

July 27, 2020
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AI is Hard

Investments in AI are growing every year, even during economic uncertainty. However, there are plenty of obstacles to successfully implementing artificial intelligence projects and creating organizational change that’s needed to drive them. 

In such relatively hostile or apathetic climates, AI projects often succeed only because there’s someone who can see the forest for the trees; a person who understands how AI can impact the business; someone who keeps up with the latest advancements in the industry. Without an internal champion like this, AI initiatives can falter, or even fail. 

Meet DataRobot AI Heroes

AI heroes are the practitioners who drive business, process, and technology changes that take their respective enterprises to the next level of AI maturity. These are the pioneers on a path to a more intelligent tomorrow. 

We’re kicking off this initiative with a few outstanding individuals. Expect more to come as we grow and reveal more AI champions throughout the organizations that we work with. 

Captain Michael Kanaan, Enterprise Lead, AI and ML, U.S. Air Force

AI Hero Profile

Captain Kanaan views AI and machine learning adoption as primarily a human problem, which can be resolved through building solution-oriented, rather than task-oriented teams. However, for these solutions to materialize, the AI systems that enable them have to be unbiased and trustworthy. A lot of these concepts and issues are covered in his upcoming book, T-Minus AI.

Brad Boehmke, Director of Data Science, 84.51° (Kroger)

AI Hero Profile

Brad Boehmke understood the importance of data science productivity. Creating ML models manually might deliver high accuracy most of the time, but it takes away the potential data science productivity gains. With enterprise data exploding and the number of machine learning projects growing exponentially, it’s impossible to scale and deliver results by doing everything manually. Brad has helped push DataRobot into the hands of more data scientists that were not doing machine learning before.

Miles Davis and Andrew Cathie, Analytics Innovators, HarMoney

AI Heroes profile

This duo of analytics rock stars realized that to achieve excellence with their predictive modeling, they had to build the right end-to-end analytics stack, from data to deployment. They’ve partnered with DataRobot and Snowflake to do just that. Using the DataRobot AI platform, Miles and Andrew enabled HarMoney to keep pace with or exceed big banks’ loan returns through constant innovation.

HarMoney + Snowflake + DataRobot
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We’re hoping that these stories will inspire others to achieve excellence and deliver tangible results with AI. It’s time for you to become an AI Hero. And DataRobot will be there to support you.

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