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Predict ahead of time the donation amount that a potential donor will provide.
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Business Problem

While people have increasingly received access to rural water points, it’s estimated that at any given time about 25% of the world’s water points are not functioning. Unfortunately, public health officials are unable to proactively understand which water points need maintenance. The gap in time between when a water point breaks and gets fixed means that communities are indefinitely cut off from an essential source of life.

Intelligent Solution

AI supports your nonprofit organizers in their fundraising efforts by predicting ahead of time the donation amount that a potential donor will provide. For nonprofits, the fundraising process consumes extensive amounts of time and resources. Nonprofit organizers apply creative strategies to attract the support of potential donors and this often requires them to invest upfront capital in the form of events, direct mail, and online campaigns. By investing their resources on the people who will offer the most donations, nonprofits will maximize the productivity and returns of their fundraising efforts.

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Non-profits leverage AI to optimize donor outreach, streamline operations, and assess the impact of their initiatives. AI-driven insights ensure that resources are utilized effectively for maximum societal benefit.