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Grow your base of supporters by predicting which potential donors will actually donate.
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Business Problem

Nonprofits are driven by not only the work they do in the field but also the support they are able to garner outside of it. Regardless of their domain, nonprofits thrive when they are able to successfully generate promotional and financial support from donors across the world who believe in their mission and are willing to back it. Unfortunately, with so many nonprofit organizations and meaningful missions to support, donors are frequently in the position where they need to decide which nonprofits they will prioritize. Nonprofits that end up in the long tail of the list are faced with looming financial challenges. According to a study by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, 62% of nonprofits cite financial sustainability as a top challenge. To the hardworking organizers behind these nonprofits, this translates to constant pressure and burnout as they perpetually need to find new donors and supporters.

Intelligent Solution

AI helps your nonprofit organizers effectively grow their base of supporters by predicting in advance the probability that a potential donor will actually donate. Faced with limited resources and constant urgency, your organizers are now able to prioritize their outreach efforts on the potential donors who are most likely to support their cause. Unlike previous approaches where organizers had to second guess the intentions of their potential donors, AI also informs your organizers of the most important statistical reasons why someone is likely to donate based on which characteristics are similar to people who have donated in the past. Instead of only offering the standard pitch, your organizers can now personalize their outreach with every one of their potential donors to further maximize their likelihood of support.

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