Consumer Products

The Consumer Products industry is in a state of flux, as consumers increasingly embrace health, beauty, convenience, sustainability, and premium products. Established consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are fighting to stay relevant, retain their share of wallet and maintain their competitiveness.

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Consumer Products

The Consumer Products industry is changing faster than ever before in history. AI helps companies better connect with the empowered consumer, optimize their range of products in order to deliver to customers when and where they want them, all while improving operational efficiencies. AI empowers you by leveraging your own data about your customers to better understand how their needs have evolved and how your organization can adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Consumer Engagement
  • Achieve marketing ROI across digital and traditional channels
  • Improve customer satisfaction using surveys and reviews data to gauge sentiment for the entire customer base
  • Predict time to next purchase order based upon prior purchase history and customer segmentation
  • Anticipate next customer CRM state (e.g. activation, regular, high value, decliner, dormant, churn) to inform the strategy of future marketing comms
  • Hyper-personalize and identify the most effective products to present to each individual customer based on historical data
Product Assortment and Supply
  • Predict sales of product innovation and new product launches before they reach the market through AI-based forecasting
  • Minimize over-production and out-of-stock scenarios using a range of historic data sources  “reverse supply chain” by predicting the probability of return for every item purchased across multiple channels
  • Improve on-shelf availability by each individual SKU and store and drive corrective action before an issue arises
  • Use Price Optimization and elasticity to identify optimal price points influenced by multiple factors such as item, brand, category, and more
Operational Efficiencies
  • Predict staffing levels for customer service and distribution centers as demand changes
  • Identify and negotiate with the most cost-effective manufacturing and delivery partners
  • Improve employee retention with AI-based HR analytics
  • Enhance predictions of delivery times for improved operational efficiencies
  • Identify metrics for mutually beneficial partnerships across the supply chain that are individualized to each retail banner and geography
The AI-Powered Supply Chain: Better Demand Forecasting and Operational Excellence

AI Use Cases in Consumer Packaged Goods

AI-driven CPG companies are seizing every opportunity to use data to analyze changes in customer behavior and shopping habits to ensure the right product assortment, promotions, and for direct to consumer (DTC) personalized communications are executed. At the same time, CPG companies are transforming from traditional forecasting methods to become AI Demand Forecasting driven to ensure the highest level of accuracy so the product is always available when the customer expects to purchase.

  • Consumer Engagement

    Today’s consumers have zero tolerance for issues, want to be able to purchase what they want when they want it, and are more mobile than ever. They are also more likely to view health, wellness, and fitness as top spending priorities than in previous years. CPG brands need to adapt to these trends in order to positively engage with and influence consumer buying decisions.

  • Product Assortment and Supply

    The CPG industry and its companies are using AI to predict the range of products on-shelf, their optimal price points, and sales of new products entering the market. In addition, AI-driven Demand Forecasting informs manufacturing and shipping levels required to fulfill customer demand – by store, date, and SKU.

  • Operational Efficiencies

    CPG companies are adopting AI to better identify opportunities to decrease costs while increasing their operational efficiencies to ensure a frictionless customer experience.

    One of the biggest challenges the CPG industry faces is determining how much product inventory — and what types of products — they need to in order to meet consumer expectations. Automated machine learning can help CPG businesses improve their ability to predict consumer demand for goods.

DataRobot Helps You:

  • Execute AI-based decisions

    DataRobot can significantly increase the number of AI machine learning solutions that are deployed within your CPG business to help you gain a strategic focus on the consumer products brands with the strongest returns.

  • Increase AI adoption using existing headcount

    With the lack of data scientists available for hire, DataRobot can help you transform your skilled business analysts into AI Producers. Guardrails built within the DataRobot platform ensure you can safely democratize AI across your organization.

  • Transform your business from descriptive to predictive

    DataRobot helps transform your business from one that makes decisions based on past events to one that makes strategic decisions based on what will happen in the future.

  • Be more personalized with customer engagement

    With models that continuously learn from past behavior, DataRobot can help easily predict the next best offer for your customers.

  • Increase accuracy for the demand of your products

    One of the biggest challenges CPG companies face is determining how much product inventory and what types of products they need to have on hand in order to meet the expected demand from consumers and retailers. DataRobot helps retailers improve their ability to predict consumer demand for goods using automated machine learning.
  • “DataRobot is an indispensable partner helping us maintain our reputation both internally and externally by deploying, monitoring, and governing generative AI responsibly and effectively.”
    Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas

    Vice President of Data & Analytics, FordDirect

  • “The generative AI space is changing quickly, and the flexibility, safety and security of DataRobot helps us stay on the cutting edge with a HIPAA-compliant environment we trust to uphold critical health data protection standards. We’re harnessing innovation for real-world applications, giving us the ability to transform patient care and improve operations and efficiency with confidence”
    Rosalia Tungaraza
    Rosalia Tungaraza

    Ph.D, AVP, Artificial Intelligence, Baptist Health South Florida

  • “DataRobot provides us with innovative ways to test new ideas. Given a problem and a dataset, DataRobot allows us to generate multiple prototypes 20% faster. And the process facilitates the learning evolution of our data scientists.”
    Diego J. Bodas
    Diego J. Bodas

    Director of Advanced Analytics, MAPFRE ESPAÑA

  • “The value of having a single platform that pulls all the components together can’t be underestimated. Then there’s the combination of the technology and the collaborative DataRobot team. If either one of those wasn’t there, I would have looked elsewhere.”
    Craig Civil
    Craig Civil

    Director of Data Science & AI

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