DataRobot Launches Global Partner Program to Power AI-Driven Business Initiatives

April 3, 2018

Best-of-Breed Technology and Services Accelerate Adoption of Automated Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Boston – April 3, 2018  DataRobot, the pioneer in automated machine learning, announced today the launch of the DataRobot AI Partner Program, a global initiative to support and enable select partners to accelerate an AI-driven transformation for their customers. This initiative is part of DataRobot’s commitment to building a world-class ecosystem of reseller and consultative partners who offer best-of-breed technologies and world-class support. The AI Partner Program already features leaders such as Cleartelligence, MIP, and Teknion.

AI and machine learning are driving a competitive advantage for industry leaders, but many companies don’t have the expertise or resources to create predictive models that extract business value from their data. DataRobot works closely with companies in its AI Partner Program to make machine learning more accessible to a broader set of users who don’t have a data science background – such as business analysts and executives. These users can utilize DataRobot to quickly develop and deploy machine learning models to make more accurate predictions and uncover hidden insights, all in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than weeks or months.

“Automated machine learning allows us to bring greater efficiency and scale to bear as we address the increasingly sophisticated analytical needs of our clients,” said Fabrice Ciais, Advanced Analytics lead, PwC U.K. “This is particularly helpful for organizations at the early stage of their analytics journey who have ambitions to scale-up quickly. It really shows its value when a large number of models need to run in parallel (e.g., for model validation), or when speed and precision are key drivers of competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

The AI Partner Program is aimed at value added resellers and global and regional analytics consulting firms who have a strong understanding of data analytics and data science, as well as domain expertise within certain industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and government or functional domains such as supply chain, marketing, and finance. Having this underpinning of analytics experience better enables partners to develop advanced machine learning and AI expertise with DataRobot’s help in order to drive value for customers who are just starting with, or struggling to implement, machine learning and AI.

“We created our AI Partner Program to enable top-notch partners in the analytics space to offer DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform, as well as advanced education and professional services,” said Seann Gardiner, EVP of Business Development, DataRobot. “By working with world-class resellers and consultants, we are expanding and accelerating our ability to fulfill our mission of enabling the AI-driven enterprise.”

As part of the AI Partner Program, DataRobot partners will have access to resources and content to help them enhance their machine learning capabilities, including:

  • Courses through DataRobot University that will educate partners and their customers on the latest methods in enterprise machine learning and AI, helping attendees identify opportunities to optimize their business using machine learning.
  • DataRobot APIs and SDKs that allow partners to easily integrate the DataRobot automated machine learning platform into their customers’ existing environments and services.
  • Sales, technical training, marketing, and other support benefits from DataRobot’s expert team to improve machine learning capabilities across their business and build a high-growth, profitable service offering.

“Implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies across their business is still a challenge for many of today’s organizations that rely on traditional modeling methods,” said Jeremy Achin, CEO, DataRobot. DataRobot’s AI Partner Program is unrivaled in the fact that partners will get access to industry-leading data science talent, education, and resources to jointly upskill their teams and drive the adoption of automated machine learning in enterprises globally.”

More than 40 leading organizations including Keyrus, Slalom Consulting, FIRN, Velocity Business Solutions, ProKarma, RXP Services, Decisive Data, and Analytics8 have already joined DataRobot’s AI Partner Program. For more information on the DataRobot AI Partner Program, please visit

Supporting Partner Quotes

“Accelteam has been delivering strong results for our customers for more than 10 years. We believe in offering best-in-class self-service business analytics technologies and solutions to our clients, which enable them to achieve their analytics goals in a much shorter time and with lower risk. That is why we partnered with DataRobot whose automated machine learning platform enables us to implement and manage machine learning projects more efficiently and accurately as compared to traditional methods. DataRobot also addresses our resource issues since finding suitable or experienced data scientists is not an easy task.”

— Steven Yong, Managing Director, Accelteam (Malaysia)

“We have been looking for machine learning tools and platforms to complement our expertise in data prep, visualization, and enterprise governance for years, but only DataRobot fulfilled our expectations. DataRobot is appealing at first sight, super-fast, elegant, powerful, and extremely efficient. Our capabilities combined with DataRobot result in an unbeatable and smart combination for our customers’ success.”

— Alexander Nagler, Solution Architect and Business Consultant, Akquinet (Germany)

“With the DataRobot platform, Analytics8 enables our clients to take machine learning out of the lab and apply it to real business problems. Instead of spending months developing, tuning, and testing models, our clients develop and deploy useful models within days, doing an order of magnitude more data science work with DataRobot’s unique automated, but full-featured, machine learning platform. DataRobot has become a go-to tool in Analytics8’s toolkit of data and analytics software.”

— David Fussichen, President, Analytics8 (United States)

“DataRobot will enable us to help our customers do a quantum leap right into the most competitive areas of analytics, in their respective verticals and where they are operating in.”

— Cristobal Urenda, Co-Founder & CEO, Analytics10 (Chile)

“Being the first DataRobot partner in France has been a privilege. Our strong partnership combines talents of data science from both sides and brings mutual accomplishment, resulting in very satisfied clients who have benefited the most from our collaboration with DataRobot.”

— Antoine Perchet, Co-Founder, Appex (France)

“AI is the next business revolution and Bardess is excited to include DataRobot as a core component of our Zero-2-Hero analytics stack. DataRobot democratizes the data science workflow and brings automated machine learning to our Fortune 500 and mid-sized customers, significantly increasing the value of their data in a very short time.”
— Joe DeSiena, President, Consulting Services, Bardess (United States)

“DataRobot has accelerated our customers’ data science capabilities by letting them test 10x more models in a fraction of the time, which has resulted in higher quality predictive models for our customers and speed to market with Cadeon’s Data Science Consulting practice.”

— Phil Unger, President & CEO, Cadeon (United States)

“AI is the next business revolution that a lot of companies are eager to take advantage of, but most of them are failing to do so. DataRobot enables CGI to help our customers become AI-driven enterprises by implementing artificial intelligence and automated machine learning technologies across their business. With the DataRobot platform, we are accelerating delivery of predictive models from months to weeks or days, allowing our clients to get better and more accurate predictions in less time.”

— Claus Kruse, VP Consulting Services, CGI (Canada)

“As a professional services firm solving complex business problems using data and analytics for our clients, we have always taken great pride in implementing solutions that employ the right mix of technology. When DataRobot burst onto the scene bringing automated machine learning and AI to the enterprise, we immediately recognized the tremendous business value and unparalleled capabilities this software would create for our customers. DataRobot takes a highly differentiated approach to their partner program and we are thrilled to forge a new partnership and work with their team. It has been incredibly easy for us to seamlessly integrate DataRobot across the board at Cleartelligence, not only with our customer base, but as a core service offering that leverages our advanced analytics and data science consulting expertise.”

Joe Marino, Managing Partner, Cleartelligence (United States)

“As a specialist data analytics consultancy, we are excited by the capabilities DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform provides us and our customers. DataRobot will allow our data scientists to define, select, train, and deploy predictive models much more quickly than previously possible, resulting in more accurate models and better value for our customers.”

— Weelin Lim, Director of Business Intelligence, Concentra (UK)

“Our clients love deriving further insights from their data, but data science has traditionally been out of their reach to deliver these insights due to lack of skills, uncertain timelines, costs, and outcomes. We jumped at the chance to be an early partner with the amazing team at DataRobot. They have invented a brand-new market in world-class analytics for every business of any size that wants to use automated machine learning right now to truly understand their business and gain an unbridgeable lead on their competitors. Combined with the Alteryx self-service data blending, DataRobot is the most revolutionary and, most importantly, deliverable data platform we have ever seen.”

— Dan Hare, Director, Continuum (Channel Islands)

“We partnered with DataRobot because we believe companies will only achieve the expected value from AI using a truly automated machine learning platform. We already help our customers with new generation analytics solutions for data visualization, data discovery, and data prep and integration. DataRobot now lets us support our customers with predictive modeling, and their implementation of those predictive models, to improve their results and to raise the productivity of their data scientists who benefit from the ease-of-use of DataRobot.”

— Eduardo Sterenfeld, Business Development Manager, CSC Brasil (Brazil)

“With the AI software market projected to grow to $89.8 billion by 2025, we believe DataRobot to be the main beneficiary of the AI market’s exponential growth. With this growth in mind, we have on-boarded as a certified DataRobot partner to help accelerate our clients’ deployment of machine learning models to predict future business outcomes. With DataRobot’s model generation and deployment platform, we are accelerating delivery of completed models from 3-plus months to weeks or days. This allows our clients to deploy machine learning models to more lines-of-business and gain market share from their competitors with better and faster predictions.”

— Eric Buckingham, Board Advisor, DataVector (Canada)

“DataRobot’s AI Partner Program accelerated our existing data science consulting capabilities by letting us test 10x more models in one quarter of the time, resulting in higher quality predictive models for our clients and rapid time to value.”

— Luke Hartsock, Founder & CEO, Decisive Data (United States)

“By coupling DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform with our deep experience in the energy, manufacturing, retail, chemical, and transportation industries, we can accelerate our clients’ internal data science capabilities and deliver rapid, tangible business outcomes from machine learning.”

— Dhiren Shethia, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Enaxis Consulting (United States)

“DataRobot is the first platform that makes it easy to translate sophisticated modelling that in the past would have been a complicated task to undertake, even with a PhD in Engineering Science and years of analysis.”

— Nick Lupis, Managing Director, Firn Analytics (Australia, New Zealand)

“Enterprises in Brazil recognize artificial intelligence as a strategic priority, but there still remains a skills gap for many of them when using the technology to meet their potential. Our partnership with DataRobot allows FiveActs to enable a broader set of users to easily use AI than what we could have offered them before with traditional advanced analytics software.”

— Melqui Carvalho, CTO, FiveActs (Brazil)

“ICT Intelligence is excited to partner with DataRobot in the South African market. We believe automated machine learning will create a paradigm shift in the data science and analytics fields. Machine learning automation will bring fundamental change, opening up new opportunities for our customers to gain a competitive edge.”

— Derek Welch, CEO, ICT Intelligence (South Africa)

“Automated machine learning is the next step for organizations that want to become truly data driven. The DataRobot platform is a great enabler for that since it brings data science and AI to the business in a way they understand and can take control of themselves.”

— Kees Timmers and Ruud Hasselerharm, Board Members, Infotopics (Netherlands)

“Inviso is thrilled to be part of DataRobot’s AI Partner Program. Machine learning and AI is fast becoming the top priority for enterprises in Denmark. We see DataRobot’s automated machine learning as a natural next piece of the self-service analytic stack we deliver our customers.”

— Peter Juel Jensen, Partner, Inviso (Denmark)

“DataRobot is a game changer when it comes to analytics as many organizations are already extracting value with its automated machine learning platform. It is an exciting time to partner with DataRobot and we look forward to being a part of their consolidation and evolution.”

— Carlos Eduardo Diaz, Business Development Manager, itPerforma (Colombia)

“DataRobot enables our team to build and deploy bleeding-edge machine learning models, saving our clients time, money, and allowing us to focus on answering their big-picture strategic questions. The response we have seen introducing DataRobot to the market has been tremendous.”

— Razvan Nistor, Chief Data Scientist, Keyrus (United States)

“Automation and analytics have been at the core of MIP since its inception, from automating data warehousing to delivering best-in-class business analytics. DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform presents a perfect cross-section of this. We are thrilled to be part of its AI Partner Program and to deliver another groundbreaking platform to our clients.”

— Steve Hitchman, Group Managing Director, MIP (Australia, New Zealand)

“Mydral has been a pioneer in DataViz and big data in the French market for the last 15 years and we are now proud to bring AI to our customers through DataRobot’s automated machine learning. This benefits our customers in their push to understand their data and make smart decisions quickly, putting themselves ahead of the competition.”

— Thanh-My Duong, CEO, Mydral (France)

“Many companies are eager to take advantage of AI, but most aren’t able to successfully extract business value from their data due to their limited experiences and expertise in AI. DataRobot bridges the gap between the ideal and the reality of AI by its highly automated machine learning features. The DataRobot Japan team and NSSOL have worked closely to deliver the true values of the DataRobot platform and succeeded in leading our customers to become AI-driven enterprises. We’re proud to be a part of the DataRobot AI Partner Program and to share our commitment in helping our customers succeed with them.”

— Takashi Oshiro, Executive Director, NS Solutions Corporation (Japan)

“Many of our customers have big expectations for AI and machine learning as AI is moving from proof of concept to integrating with business operations. We’re confident that our partnership with DataRobot can accelerate the automation of analysis using machine learning.”

— Sasaki Yutaka, Senior Vice President, Business Solutions Sector, NTT Data (Japan)

“RoundTower is extremely excited to be a part of DataRobot’s AI Partner Program. More of our customers are coming to the realization that to stay competitive they need to leverage their data more than ever. Machine learning and AI are conversations that are on the top of their lists and customers that leverage DataRobot’s platform for AI and machine learning are seeing efficiencies that they never thought possible.”

— Geoff Martin, Practice Manager, RoundTower (United States)

“DataRobot sits at the core of our big data and advanced analytics strategy as an innovative propeller of our value proposition. DataRobot’s disruption to be a leader in data science automation has already had a very positive impact in our markets and in our customer base.”

— Javier Urioste, CEO, SDG (Spain)

“A lot of our clients are just now getting their arms around machine learning. We are extremely optimistic that DataRobot will help us address our customers’ requirements so that they can deliver true value to their bottom lines.”

— Marc Imberman, Practice Area Director, Slalom (United States)

“DataRobot compliments the value proposition we offer to our customers by enabling them with fast and automated machine learning capabilities so that they can achieve more accurate predictive insights in less time.”

— Khai San, Partner, Sprint Milestone (Singapore)

“DataRobot is an incredibly powerful platform and it allows us to give our clients insights into their businesses in remarkable time. This is an exciting partnership for us as we’re looking forward to integrating DataRobot into many of our engagements.”

— Steve Agee, President, Data Solutions, Teknion (United States)

About DataRobot

DataRobot offers an enterprise machine learning platform that empowers users of all skill levels to make better predictions faster. Incorporating a library of hundreds of the most powerful open source machine learning algorithms, the DataRobot platform automates, trains, and evaluates predictive models in parallel, delivering more accurate predictions at scale. DataRobot provides the fastest path to data science success for organizations of all sizes. For more information, visit

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