Data Science Democratization

Good data scientists are hard to find. That’s because demand for data scientists exceeds available supply. Silicon Valley giants hire crowds of data scientists, and pay them top dollar. If you want to get things done with AI, we suggest you invest in the team you have in place. After all, they already understand your business and your data and are in the ideal position to elevate your data science operations.

Provide your people with the tools and training they need to put AI to work. DataRobot AI automation incorporates the expert knowledge of world-class data scientists.

Guardrails ensure that data science best practices are followed as data is democratized so that even novice users can deliver insights you can trust.

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Engage Your Business

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The Team You Have

Your people know your business and your data. They want to work with AI and automation. All they need are the right tools. DataRobot automation helps AI increase efficiency and empowers your people to deliver more value. Built-in best practices help novice users deliver insight you can trust. Targeted training builds skills. We help the team you have today become a team of experts.

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Automation-First Data Science

You see ways to drive value with AI in your business. But AI talent is scarce. The answer: help your people put AI to work. How does AI increase productivity? DataRobot automation and built-in best practices for machine learning efficiency free your team from repetitive tasks. Your data scientists will have more time to focus on demanding and complex AI challenges, or on mentoring and guiding others.

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Collaboration is Key

Data scientists want to help you democratize and scale AI. Data analysts understand opportunities and goals. Working together, data scientists and data analysts are unstoppable. Empower your team with DataRobot. Help your data scientists put AI to work.

Working with DataRobot


A DataRobot AI Success Plan helps you define an AI roadmap that details your vision and best opportunities to apply AI. Roadmap in hand, you can focus on projects with the highest return and least risk.


DataRobot University delivers comprehensive training to get the most from DataRobot’s enterprise AI solutions. With training available in multiple languages, DataRobot University has the ideal combination of streamlined overview courses and specialized lessons to help your team get things done faster.


DataRobot has the industry’s largest team of customer-facing data scientists (CFDS). Each CFDS has significant working experience with practical data science. The CFDS helps your team get started with DataRobot and deliver immediate value.

See How DataRobot AI Services Helps You Democratize Data Science
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