In July 2021 DataRobot acquired Algorithmia, the leading provider in the MLOps space, to advance our MLOps offering with world-class enterprise-grade infrastructure.

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About Algorithmia

Algorithmia, founded in 2014 by Diego Oppenheimer and Kenny Daniel, aims to bring models into production with enterprise-grade security and governance. Algorithmia combines the best AI, MLOps, and DevOps practices, establishing machine learning workflows and processes for IT, data scientists, and other teams that orchestrate machine learning models in production.

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Realize the Benefits of MLOps

MLOps outlined
  • Streamlined Model Deployment
  • Agnostic of Run-Time Environments
  • Hot-Swappable Models
  • Model Upgrade Approval Workflows
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Production Lifecycle Management
  • Simplified Model Deployment
  • Model upgrade approval workflows
  • Hot-Swappable Models

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  • Live Model Health Monitoring
  • Deep Production Diagnostics
  • Run Models Anywhere
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Production Model Governance
  • Production Access Control
  • Traceable Model Results
  • Model Audit Trail
  • Model Upgrade Approval Workflows
Algorithmia’s people and technology significantly enhance our mission to rapidly move from experimental to applied AI by helping customers bring every model into production with rapid time to value
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Debanjan Saha

Chief Executive Officer

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Realize the Benefits of MLOps