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Predict which of your prospects will advance along your sales pipeline.
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Business Problem

Over the past two decades, customer relationship management software has been pivotal in helping organizations manage and improve their customer interactions. According to Gartner, in 2018 CRM software grew to $48.2 billion and remains the fastest growing enterprise software category. While CRMs have contributed tremendously to managing and visualizing customer information, the large amounts of data can often be overwhelming to the stakeholders in your organization. The experience within these broad CRMs can be tricky to navigate and processes meant to optimize sales effectiveness can also backfire when they overwhelm the people they are dedicated to help. Additionally, as CRMs primarily display historical data, they do not enable your organization to anticipate future customer interactions ahead of time. What this means for the stakeholders in your organization is unoptimized time spent that could instead be dedicated to actually serving the customers you care about.

Intelligent Solution

Based on your organization’s personalized CRM process, AI will leverage your historical data to predict which of your prospects will advance along your sales pipeline. By developing separate models for each stage of your sales pipeline, AI will predict the likelihood your prospects will advance to each of those stages. This gives your account executives a granular view of exactly where your prospects are likely to fall based on similar prospects in the past. In a competitive environment where meetings often lead to dead ends, this will help your sales organization boost productivity by prioritizing and investing their time on the prospects who are most likely to close, all in digestible predictions that are integrated into the opportunity profiles available in your CRM. Based on the health of your prospect, your account executives can decide on ways to further activate the prospect, such as sharing relevant marketing material or reaching out to schedule a demo.

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