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You have a business problem to solve. Fraud losses are too frequent. Perhaps you’re losing customers. Or too many patients leave the hospital — only to check in again later. You’re sure that AI can help. But some people on your team are AI skeptics. They think AI solutions are all hype and PR.

DataRobot helps you focus on fixing your most urgent business problems. With DataRobot, you see how AI works within a defined scope. With rapid results, you can show the skeptics how AI drives real value.

DataRobot offers targeted training and expert AI Success services. We work with your team to deliver a solution at the speed of business.

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Solve Problems Quickly

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Automate Development

DataRobot has automated the end-to-end process for creating AI you can trust. We build in the methods of the world’s leading data scientists and test many techniques to deliver the best AI corporate solutions. And we do it in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.

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Drive Value

DataRobot works with hundreds of customers. We’ve helped customers deliver value across countless use cases. We help you focus on critical projects for business value. Your team scores a “win”, and proves the value of AI.

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Generate Momentum

Success is viral. Deliver value for one business leader and the rest will bang on your door. DataRobot offers a short path to victory. Accomplish your goals. Create a buzz. Open new doors and watch AI increase efficiency for your team.

Working with DataRobot


How does AI increase efficiency and build trust? The DataRobot AI Success team works with hundreds of customers in diverse industries, leveraging machine learning solutions to solve problems and exceed goals. Data scientists, AI success managers, use case engineers, and more can deliver the skills you need, where you need them. With the right mix of people, you can count on fast and accurate results.

See How an AI Success Plan Helps Increase Data Scientist Productivity
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Start becoming successful in AI today.