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Retail and AI: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Industry

As long as human beings have exchanged goods and services, making predictions has been an essential part of the marketplace, and data has always been an essential part of the equation. Today, most retailers are drowning in data, but they aren’t necessarily using it to the best of their advantage.

Enter artificial intelligence (AI) to bridge the gap between the volume of data available and the correct interpretation of that data for strategic business decisions. With problems on the retail landscape ranging from store site selection to staffing, retailers who have responded to the AI revolution have seen an increase in profits and a decrease in the guesswork that can make running a business an exercise in trial and error.

This ebook takes a deeper look at the challenges facing the marketplace and how AI can help retailers put strategic solutions into place that will help them grow and refine their businesses in a fast moving world.

You’ll discover:

  • What the Fourth Industrial Revolution means and why you need to embrace it
  • How retailers are using AI right now
  • How enterprise-wide AI can help today’s retailers
  • How automated machine learning quickly solves many of the challenges faced by retailers today -- and makes other challenges more manageable

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