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Deploy AI with ROI for Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, and Wealth Management

With AI and automated machine learning, retail banks, commercial banks, and wealth managers can drive revenue growth, differentiate themselves through a superior client experience, and reduce operational costs, while improving quality and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management.

There are hundreds of opportunities to leverage AI and machine learning in every line of business and function.  From prepayment risk and price elasticity of demand to needs-based recommendations and loan pricing optimization, tangible business value is being realized from the deployment of AI models. LendingTree is achieving success by matching borrowers with the highest value offers with an increase in acceptance rates.

Eight of the world’s top ten financial institutions use DataRobot to scale data science. As front-runners in AI adoption, they are seeing their early efforts fund additional use case deployments. DataRobot is trusted by PNC, USBank, LendingTree, FreddieMac, and TD Ameritrade, among others, partnering with these organizations to not only automate machine learning but accelerate and operationalize AI.

Do you want to:

  • Predict client profitability?
  • Deepen your relationship with your customers?
  • Achieve a high level of personal service?
  • Predict price elasticity?
  • Detect and prevent fraud?
  • Utilize time series modeling to set goals and performance targets?
  • Prioritize leads, prospects or referrals based on highest value?
  • Underwrite loans by isolating key financial metrics that strongly predict default risk?
  • Avoid losses through early warning of credit deterioration?
DataRobot justifies its place by providing value and returning significant ROI immediately.
Beaumont Vance
Beaumont Vance

Head of Enterprise Analytics, TD Ameritrade