Product and Services Lifecycle Matrix

The Product and Services Lifecycle Matrix below highlights the lifecycle dates for the products or offerings that are being retired and will be subject to the phases outlined in Product Lifecycle Policies.

Please continue to reference this page to stay up to date on key announcements.

Product Lifecycle Dates

OfferingNotification of End of Life (NEOL)End of Sale(EOS)End of Support (EOSupp)*End of Life(EOL)
DataRobot PipelinesSeptember 2022September 2022October 2022October 2022
AlgorithmiaDecember 2022 October 2022July 2023October 2023
PaxataJanuary 2023December 2022December 2023December 2023
ZeplFebruary 2023January 2023June 2023June 2023
*limited support only

Please refer the DataRobot Product Lifecycle Policy for more details on what each phase means

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