Author Sarah Ladipo

Applied AI Ethics Intern, DataRobot

Sarah Ladipo is a Junior Cutler Scholar and Ohio Honors student studying Philosophy and Computer Science at The Ohio University. She is currently interning with the Applied AI Ethics team at DataRobot, feeding her passion for exposing and mitigating bias in AI that is discriminatory against minority groups. She is also a Virtual Student Federal Service intern with The Office of the Director of National Intelligence working on an Ethically Responsible Artificial Intelligence project where she is red-teaming efforts to rigorously audit the use of AI in real-world applications using the Artificial Intelligence Ethics Framework for the Intelligence Community. Ladipo has been a Harvard University Research Apprentice under Dr. Myrna Perez Sheldon in collaboration with Havard’s GenderSci Lab, conducting research into the erasure of black history in the nation and in her local community.