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Banking Outlook: Top Trends in AI for 2020

2020 is set to be another year of unprecedented change in banking.  With banks going deeper with their AI implementations and some just beginning their journeys, DataRobot’s General Manager for Banking, HP Bunaes, will share where he sees banks from around the world deploying AI in the coming year.

If you are curious about what will be innovative or transformative for you, please join us to hear our 2020 AI Banking Outlook.

In this webinar, you will hear:

  • Where financial institutions are finding value with AI adoption
  • What the biggest opportunities are in 2020 for AI deployment
  • What is the latest with democratization
  • Why getting governance right is important
  • How to move from DevOps to MLOps
  • What successful deployments will look like in the year ahead
DataRobot is an indispensable partner helping us maintain our reputation both internally and externally by deploying, monitoring, and governing generative AI responsibly and effectively.
Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas

Vice President of Data & Analytics, FordDirect

The generative AI space is changing quickly, and the flexibility, safety and security of DataRobot helps us stay on the cutting edge with a HIPAA-compliant environment we trust to uphold critical health data protection standards. We’re harnessing innovation for real-world applications, giving us the ability to transform patient care and improve operations and efficiency with confidence
Rosalia Tungaraza
Rosalia Tungaraza

Ph.D, AVP, Artificial Intelligence, Baptist Health South Florida

DataRobot provides us with innovative ways to test new ideas. Given a problem and a dataset, DataRobot allows us to generate multiple prototypes 20% faster. And the process facilitates the learning evolution of our data scientists.
Diego J. Bodas
Diego J. Bodas

Director of Advanced Analytics, MAPFRE ESPAÑA

The value of having a single platform that pulls all the components together can’t be underestimated. Then there’s the combination of the technology and the collaborative DataRobot team. If either one of those wasn’t there, I would have looked elsewhere.
Craig Civil
Craig Civil

Director of Data Science & AI