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AI & Cloud Computing: Designed to Scale

Hosted by NewComp Analytics

AI adoption and cloud computing have skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s transforming organizations at every level. From small pilot projects to near-complete automation of key processes, businesses are starting to see the value of AI, and the benefits are significant. Yet, to reap the real rewards of AI and truly see the impact, companies need to learn to scale their solutions up and across the organization.

But what does scaling AI mean exactly? And how do we ensure that our cloud architecture can support and scale with it?

Join AI Evangelist Dave Anderson, Data Cloud Advocate Filipe Hoffa, and Newcomp’s very own VP of Analytics and Data Science Chris Foster as they lay down the foundation you need to build a trusted AI system that can tackle any project at scale. You’ll learn best practices in making your cloud infrastructure stable, secure, and scalable so that you can focus on getting the most from your data.


Felipe Hoffa
Felipe Hoffa

Data Cloud Advocate at Snowflake

Chris Foster
Chris Foster

VP, Analytics & Data Scientist at Newcomp Analytics