On-Demand Webinar

Reasons Why Generative AI Initiatives Fail to Deliver Business Value (And How to Avoid Them)

AI leaders, the pressure is on, right? Ever since your organization started pursuing generative AI capabilities, everyone expects a strong, lasting ROI. Especially if you’re leading data architecture or building AI models, you’re feeling the heat to show how generative AI is growing and optimizing your business.

But proving value is easier said than done. AI ecosystems aren’t future-proofed. “Off-the-grid” generative AI projects escape leadership purview. Governance doesn’t happen by itself. And too often models aren’t well-maintained or managed. In short, driving real-world value from generative AI and tracking its impact can simply feel out of reach.

We’re here to tell you there’s a better way.


Jessica Lin
Jessica Lin

Lead Data Scientist

Jenna Beglin
Jenna Beglin

Product Marketing Director, GenAI and Platform, DataRobot

In this webinar, Jess Lin and Jenna Beglin share how you can unlock business value with generative AI by:

  • Mitigating data leaks and security breaches with generative AI
  • Keeping costs transparent and under control
  • Managing every single AI project across the org in one place - generative and predictive, regardless of origin
  • Maintaining flexibility to adapt as your needs or the generative AI landscape change
  • Handling complex model governance so everything’s monitored