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From Predictions to Real-World Results


A Health Fund member has a 85% likelihood of claiming an expensive knee surgery in the next year. So what?

AutoML and powerful AI platforms are making it easier than ever to build predictive models, but ensuring that predictions drive real-world business value is essential to show ROI on your data science investment.

Join James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and Dan Becker, VP of Decision Intelligence at DataRobot, to learn the three essential elements to turn your predictions into real-world results.

What you will learn:

  • Why and how focusing on decisions improves your odds of success
  • What technologies you need to mix with your ML/AI models to complete the picture
  • How to ensure you are set up for continuous improvement and learning


James Taylor
James Taylor

CEO of Decision Management Solutions

Dan Becker
Dan Becker

VP of Decision Intelligence, DataRobot

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