On-Demand Webinar

Bring DataRobot AI Models (BYOM) to SAP Build

Join us to see how you can bring your predictive and generative AI models built using the DataRobot AI platform into SAP Build for low-code apps, automation, and work sites. SAP and DataRobot have a joint partnership to enable customers to connect core SAP software with the advanced Machine Learning capabilities of DataRobot to make more intelligent business predictions with advanced analytics.

As enterprises build their AI strategy SAP provides them the flexibility to build their models on the DataRobot AI platform and surface these models within SAP LoB apps and services. Now, SAP Build can also consume these AI models to make automation pipelines and low-code apps AI-enabled. This opens the doors to a world of intelligent use cases that users of all skill levels can now build. The DataRobot AI platform integrates seamlessly with customers’ SAP data in Datasphere and deploys AI models into SAP AI core providing SAP users the ability to derive more value with their business data.

Join this webinar to hear how a combination of DataRobot, SAP Build, and SAP Datasphere, SAP users can now build apps and extensions that integrate sophisticated and state-of-the-art AI models easily and swiftly.


Ksenia Chumachenko
Ksenia Chumachenko

VP, Business Development & Alliances, DataRobot

Belén Sánchez Hidalgo
Belén Sánchez Hidalgo

Senior Data Scientist, Team Lead and WaiCAMP Lead, DataRobot

Nishant Thacker
Nishant Thacker

VP, Solution Management, SAP

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • How DataRobot can enhance the analytics and intelligence derived from their mission-critical data within SAP
  • New use cases and user personas made possible by DataRobot’s integration within SAP Build
  • See the integrations between the two platforms through a live demo