6 Ways Open Source Can Augment Your Advanced Analytics

White paper/ebook
Datarobot TitleCard 08 08 2019

Many organizations like yours already understand the power of AI and the important role it plays in staying relevant in their industries. In one recent McKinsey survey, 47% of respondents said that their companies have embedded at least one AI capability into their business processes vs. just 20% in 2017. The shift to becoming AI-driven is already happening in organizations across the globe.


In order to capture all of the benefits that AI offers, businesses need to make sure that they have the most agile solution in place. For many companies, this means embracing the innovation, flexibility, and transparency that open source AI tools offer to data scientists alongside existing advanced analytics systems you continue to depend on.But how do you build that bridge between the two systems?


Our white paper, 6 Ways Open Source Can Augment Your Advanced Analytics, highlights how AI-driven companies can successfully bridge the gap between new open-source AI solutions and legacy technology. Learn how you can realize the benefits that will make your team more productive, more efficient, and more AI-driven.

Datarobot TitleCard 08 08 2019