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InfoWorld Review: DataRobot Aces Enterprise AI

In a recent review, InfoWorld says that DataRobot offers an end-to-end “suite that takes you from data gathering through model building to deployment, monitoring, and management.” The article describes how DataRobot’s enterprise AI can speed up what had been a tedious, sometimes months-long process. It also notes how our platform can be used not just by Ph.D. data scientists, but by those with less experience, and even business analysts.

At DataRobot, we’re proud of our end-to-end AI platform and we’re pleased to share this review with you.

The article provides an excellent overview of the DataRobot platform, including our:

  • Easy-to-use interface that helps data engineers, data scientists, business analysts, software developers, DevOps and IT teams, and executives.
  • Addition of self-service data preparation.
  • Two kinds of time-aware modeling.
  • Recent addition of image processing, Visual AI, and geospatial data in models.
  • Trusted AI safeguards against bad data and bad predictions.
  • MLOps which provides visibility into all production models so that organizations can deploy, monitor, and govern them.
DataRobot has paid attention to the pitfalls in AI model building and provided ways to mitigate many of them. Overall, I rate DataRobot very good, and a worthy competitor to Google, AWS, Microsoft, and
Martin Heller
Martin Heller

Contributing Editor, InfoWorld