Delivering AI ROI at Scale BKG v2
Industry Analyst Report

Driving ROI with AI

Learn why 63% of firms will be advancing their adoption of AI by 2023.

ESI ThoughtLab together with a group of AI leaders that included DataRobot conducted a benchmarking study of 1,200 organizations across industries and world markets to help provide executives with an evidenced-based roadmap for becoming AI-driven.

Download this study to learn the answers to pressing questions businesses have, including:

  • What are some of the biggest challenges that businesses face in implementing AI across their organizations?
  • What kind of timeframe can most organizations expect for ROI from AI?
  • What are the five best practices we uncovered in our research?
We are at an inflection point with AI. Companies are trying to figure out how to empower people to do more with automation and how to navigate the current volatility in the most intelligent way possible, to make better decisions, and ultimately, drive more business value.
Debanjan Saha
Debanjan Saha

Chief Executive Officer