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AI Thought Leadership Digest, Q1 2022

You Can No Longer Ignore Data Literacy

As the demand for data-driven decision-making continues to grow, so does the urgency to instill a higher level of data literacy. The better you’re able to read, write, break down, and logically argue with data, the more responsible you will be as a citizen, and the more empowered you will be to thrive in the modern workforce. From digesting the news to taking a key role in the future of your respective organization—and for AI to reach its lofty potential—spreading the fundamentals of data literacy across society is imperative.

Download the AI Thought Leadership Digest, Q1, 2022 to see:

  • How to define data literacy and identify data literacy barriers
  • Ways to formulate strategies to make citizens, employees, and the enterprise more data literate
  • How to foster responsible and trusted AI with data literacy

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Being successful with AI is very hard. It requires the right technology and that the technology be end to end. It requires a plan for how you’re going to realize value. Those who just buy an AI tool and don’t do their due diligence on what the tool does, or don’t create a plan, are not setting themselves up for success, or certainly not on the timeline they would like.
Debanjan Saha
Debanjan Saha

Chief Executive Officer