AI for Homeland Security Delivering Scalable Mission Critical Capabilities BKG

AI for Homeland Security: Delivering Scalable Mission-Critical Capabilities

Homeland security is a uniquely challenging landscape for data-driven decisions, with shifting priorities and changing technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) can serve as a key enabler for dedicated public servants in this ever-changing threat landscape.

With the ability to gather data from many sources, sift through that data, and provide both predictive and prescriptive recommendations in a trusted and governable manner, AI is an invaluable, mission-enabling tool for security-focused organizations.

Download AI for Homeland Security: Delivering Scalable, Mission-Critical Capabilities to find out about:

  • The broader potential of AI within the homeland security landscape
  • Visual inspection applications of AI in security environments
  • AI capabilities for border security
  • AI applications in human capital management that can improve hiring and retention across government organizations
  • Extreme weather predictions with AI that can inform government response to a variety of emergencies