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DataRobot AI Cloud for Banking is uniquely designed for the challenges and opportunities facing the banking industry from fraud detection and prevention to client retention and credit risk management.


AI in Banking

The banking Industry faces threats that grow more sophisticated, while interactions with customers and clients become more digitized and personal. Risk management at every level, from margins to marketing, impacts the trajectory of banking success. AI Cloud for Banking is the next-generation technology that is required to overcome these complex challenges.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

Detect fraud earlier to reduce financial losses and protect clients from financial harm.

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Customer Marketing and Acquisition

Prioritize and convert leads by delivering more relevant and personalized choices.

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Client Satisfaction & Retention

Monitor the health of customer relationships and use data-driven insights to predict customer churn.

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Credit Risk Management

Use an AI-driven strategy to operate profitably in a market that traditional banks have avoided for being too risky.


AI in Banking

See how banks are tackling their biggest data science challenges.


Our Banking Customers Are Shaping the Future

See how AI Cloud for Banking is transforming the industry

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Banks need AI Cloud to remain competitive and protect themselves and their clients from ever evolving threats

For those in the banking industry, the ever-evolving complexity of both serving and protecting their customers to the highest standard presents a set of unique challenges. AI Cloud is giving the banking industry a new model to solve their most important challenges.

Discover more AI use cases for Banking

  • Fraud

    In 2020, financial losses from fraud complaints lodged with the Federal Trade Commission in the United States totalled $3.3 billion (FTC). By fighting fraud with either outdated, rules-based systems, or expensive, black-box vendor models, banks will continue to run the risk of exposure to fraudulent transactions.

  • Customer Relationships

    Banks spend an incredible amount of time and money on new customer acquisition. Yet, many of these relationships fall short of their potential. Whether writing a new loan or providing financial advice, they typically deal with only 10-20% of a customer’s wallet (PWC). And even once banks convert leads to clients, the delay rate in the account opening process can be as high as 15%.

  • Security

    Financial institution are 300 times more likely than other companies to be targeted by a cyberattack—and dealing with those attacks and their aftermath carries a higher cost for banks and wealth managers than for any other sector (BCG).

  • Churn

    The number of banks has decreased since 2016 (FDIC). At the same time, the number of upstart fintech companies—particularly in lending and payments—has grown at a staggering pace. With their customer-centric user experiences and ability to use data to optimize their business (DataRobot), these fintechs are gaining market share, placing pressure on all organizations to keep customers happy and retain loyal customers.


AI Cloud for Banking Demo:  Predict the Likelihood of Loan Default 

See how AI Cloud for Banking can be used to solve credit risk management challenges such as predicting if someone is going to default, and proactively using risk information for intervention.

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