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Ensuring AI Compliance: Navigating AI Regulations with DataRobot

In today’s dynamic enterprise AI landscape, AI regulations are constantly evolving, with the upcoming EU AI Act being a prime example. Organizations that fail to meet these emerging regulatory requirements are at risk of introducing long-term roadblocks on their path to value with AI.

Join us to navigate global AI regulations, with a focus on the EU AI Act. Learn how to ensure your AI initiatives meet global regulatory standards while staying compliant and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Discover how the DataRobot AI Platform empowers business leaders and AI professionals to maintain compliance, ensure accurate outputs, control costs, and mitigate a broad spectrum of AI risks.


Lisa Aguilar
Lisa Aguilar

VP of Product Marketing and Field CTOs, DataRobot

Ming-Li Gridel
Ming-Li Gridel

Director, Data Science Practice, DataRobot

Belén Sánchez Hidalgo
Belén Sánchez Hidalgo

Senior Data Scientist, Team Lead and WaiCAMP Lead, DataRobot

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  • Key strategies for navigating regulatory challenges
  • The vital role of AI governance
  • DataRobot features that facilitate regulatory compliance and robust AI governance