Technology Partners

Our Technology Alliances Program drives value for customers through innovative integrations developed in collaboration between DataRobot and world-class technology companies. The program is designed to create complementary platforms, applications, integrations or connectors that help enhance the DataRobot platform.
Program Benefits
Technology Alliance partners receive licenses and the opportunity to collaborate with DataRobot Partner Engineering on integrated solutions. In addition, you gain access to the DataRobot ecosystem to drive awareness of your product in the market through joint marketing activities.
Program Requirements
The requirements are simple. Join our thriving Technology Alliances community and commit to creating a joint value proposition with supporting collateral materials, collaborating on go-to-market initiatives, and developing an integrated solution that makes life easier for our customers.


AI Infrastructure Alliance

Technology Partners

The Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) is a consortium of leading artificial intelligence startups with a mission to help every company realize the infinite potential of AI. Formed in February 2021, the Alliance is focused on tying together the complex web of existing AI technologies into a single Canonical Stack, providing the infrastructure on which any company—from tiny startups to global enterprises—can run impactful AI projects. Founding members include Pachyderm, Seldon, Determined AI, Algorithmia, Tecton, ClearML by Allegro AI,, ZenML by Maiot, DAGsHub, TerminusDB, WhyLabs, YData, Superb AI, Valohai,, Full Stack Machine Learning Operating System | , Arize AI, CometML, Iguazio, UbiOps, and Fiddler. To learn more about the AIIA or to become a member, visit AI Infrastructure Alliance


Technology Partners

You may know us for our processors. But we do so much more. Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society, and for every person on Earth. Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions, and the promise of always-on 5G connectivity, Intel is disrupting industries and solving global challenges. Leading on policy, diversity, inclusion, education and sustainability, we create value for our stockholders, customers, and society.


Technology Partners

Get AI-driven insights right in your workflows. Deliver better outcomes, improve customer and patient experiences, and improve operational efficiencies with the DataRobot integration with InterSystems IRIS™ and InterSystems IRIS for Health™.

The integration between the InterSystems IRIS data platforms and DataRobot allows SQL developers to create accurate machine learning models without moving any data. It also enables powerful predictions and insights from machine learning models created by DataRobot to be called directly from within real-time, event-driven InterSystems IRIS applications.
Organizations in every industry and in the public sector now have a fast and seamless way to integrate powerful AI-driven insights directly into their internal and customer-facing business processes and applications. The process is seamless and eliminates several major barriers to AI adoption, including data science staffing shortages, workflow integration, data access, and trusted AI.
As artificial intelligence transforms virtually every industry, this partnership provides a critical keystone for enabling the AI-driven enterprise.


Technology Partners

Reach production AI faster by creating and managing unstructured training data in one place so you can focus on building the next big thing.


Technology Partners

NVIDIA and DataRobot

Purpose-Built to Deliver Value with AI

NVIDIA and DataRobot Bring GPU-Accelerated AI to the Enterprise


Confidently Secure and Observe Your AI

Safeguard against risk and vulnerabilities with NVIDIA’s AI architecture orchestration and DataRobot’s AI observability, monitoring and security.

  • Ensure consistent serving and monitoring of deep learning and LLM models with NVIDIA Inference Microservices on the DataRobot AI Platform.
  • Run commercial and open source LLMs natively on NVIDIA’s open-source, GPU-Optimized Triton Inference Server within DataRobot.
  • Avoid hallucinations, and ensure that your models are adhering to your safety and security requirements by applying NVIDIA NeMo guard models and DataRobot’s library of guards to your GenAI applications.
  • Match your exact security, monitoring needs using DataRobot’s custom metrics collection and NVIDIA guardrails.
1 Deployed Llama2 with custom metrics
2 Custom model workshop Llama2

Deploy a State-of-the-Art AI Infrastructure Fast

Eliminate the infrastructure complexity needed to build, govern and operate AI at scale with NVIDIA’s “Operating System” for AI and DataRobot’s end-to-end AI platform.

  • Stand up a highly scalable GPU-powered AI infrastructure on-premises, on your VPC, or in a privately managed environment in moments.
  • Get the value you expect out of your AI with effortless cost tracking.
  • Remove the requirement to set up and oversee individual systems for each LLM or generative AI application with built-in GPUs for inference.
  • Optimize AI inference with streamlined model orchestration and higher performance using Triton Inference Server on DataRobot.

Rapidly Develop AI

Get limitless compute and accelerate your AI projects with NVIDIA GPUs on DataRobots.

  • Launch a large cluster of NVIDIA compute nodes easily in DataRobot – no DevOps required.
  • Manage quality and ROI of your AI project with out-of-the-box performance and cost monitoring tools.
  • Compare and build with best-of-breed components, including the Nemotron-3-8b family of models, ensuring your AI applications meet your exact business needs.
  • Enhance end-to-end AI performance and data processing at scale with a suite of GPU-accelerated data science and AI libraries.
3 Model directory with guardrail models and LLMs
Generative AI applications are key to helping businesses boost productivity with unprecedented personalization, product development and operations optimization. Our partnership with DataRobot enhances productivity for practitioners and developers by reducing LLM deployment times from weeks to just a few minutes and maximizing inference performance efficiency to supercharge production AI for customers.
cropped Anne Hecht headshot 200x200
Anne Hecht

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise, NVIDIA

NVIDIA Inference Microservices on the DataRobot AI Platform


Technology Partners

Unlock the Transformative Power of AI

DataRobot and Palantir solutions apply AI seamlessly across the enterprise to support their business decisions and solve complex challenges. DataRobot’s AI platform, layered seamlessly on top of Palantir’s Foundry platform, provides robust, flexible AI solutions to customers. 

The DataRobot and Palantir framework ( above) allows customers to create, test, and deploy AI models into production based on a single source of consolidated data. Both technical and non-technical users can easily use the AI tool to model, forecast, and monitor their AI models across the enterprise. 

palantir dr scheme

Technology Partners

Qlik Sense brings together all of your data, and DataRobot empowers highly capable business analytics professionals to quickly build and deploy very accurate machine learning models without writing a single line of code.

The Qlik and DataRobot two-way integration enables organizations to deploy predictions in a fully interactive experience. Once a predictive model has been created and deployed in DataRobot, making predictions against the new data being generated each day is critical. Through a seamless request in a Qlik Sense application refresh, the new predictions are associated in your data model to drive insight. All of this is possible using the Qlik2DataRobot client and server-side extensions, which leverage the unique integration capabilities of the patented Qlik associative engine. Enterprises of all sizes can now get to predictive insight in less time with Qlik and DataRobot.


Technology Partners

SAP and DataRobot

Power Your Business Processes with Generative and Predictive AI.

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Stay Ahead with Relevant AI

Harness the transformative power of generative and predictive AI to redefine your core business processes through our seamless integration.

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Deploy Reliable AI

Reach your business objectives with the guidance of our AI experts. Benefit from our extensive experience, detailed case studies, and AI Accelerator templates to confidently deploy your AI initiatives.

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Commit to Responsible AI Operations

Stay ahead with proactive management, monitoring, and governance of your AI production pipelines, all within the SAP ecosystem.

This partnership between the two brings together DataRobot’s multimodal machine learning capabilities with SAP’s extensive business data and processes to create business-centric AI solutions.
Nishant Thacker

VP, Solution Management, SAP


Equip yourself with the necessary infrastructure and capabilities for your generative and predictive AI initiatives with the DataRobot AI platform and AWS.

Together, we empower you to develop your way, deploy in your preferred location while leveraging optimal operations and governance, ensuring a streamlined and efficient AI journey.

Deployment Options
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – Single-Tenant SaaS
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – VPC installation
  • DataRobot Multi-Tenant SaaS


Technology Partners

Snowflake and DataRobot

Level Up Your End-to-End Data to AI Lifecycle.

cloud distribution connection
Break Down Data and AI Silos

Securely connect from DataRobot to Snowflake to harness all your data and rapidly transform it into predictive and generative AI solutions.

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Build, Deploy, and Scale AI at Scale

Combine the power of Snowpark with the optionality of DataRobot to effortlessly scale, manage and govern AI across your organization.

Secure Your AI Assets

Run your data transformation and AI production pipelines within your Snowflake environment to minimize data movement and streamline security and governance.

With DataRobot’s AI Platform, our joint customers have the ability to easily prepare, train, and deploy the most advanced machine learning models on top into their Snowflake environment, solving their unique business problems quickly, efficiently, and securely.
Ahmad Khan Snowflake
Ahmad Khan

Head of AI/ML Strategy, Snowflake

Technology Partner Elite@1x 2 1
snowpark accelerated badge @2x 1 2
Retail CPG
We’ve been able to leverage DataRobot to help improve projections and fraudulent data. DataRobot gives us prediction explanations, which helps drive our users in the direction we think is best fit for them.
Within the last couple of years, we’ve been using Snowflake to now pull the data from DataRobot using an API and then pushing our results and our predictions back into Snowflake from DataRobot.
Sarah Gibson Aflac
Sarah Gibson

Manager, US Business Analytics, Aflac


DataRobot and Snowflake offer a seamless data to AI lifecycle solution, allowing you to effortlessly scale AI across your organization and rapidly deliver value.

This integration not only harnesses the full potential of your Snowflake environment but also accelerates your predictive and generative AI initiatives. 

Deployment Options
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – Single-Tenant SaaS
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – VPC installation
  • DataRobot Multi-Tenant SaaS


Technology Partners

Tamr’s patented software fuses the power of machine learning with your knowledge of your data to automate the rapid unification of data silos, at scale. What new insights could you find if data unification was no longer the bottleneck?


Technology Partners

Our mission is to enable analytics at “human scale” and put search-driven analytics in the hands of 20M users by 2020. It’s an ambitious goal, but we love solving hard problems with humility and empathy. ThoughtSpot makes it easy for anyone to get answers from their company data in seconds. Simply search to analyze your data and get automated insights with a single click.


Technology Partners

Accelerate the path to AI by automating increasingly complex tasks and go beyond human capabilities.

There are huge possibilities in the synergy between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) – providing intelligence to automated processes that can evolve and improve as more data gets examined and trained. This allows for ever-improving processes. The convergence of RPA and ML will over time enable RPA to automate increasingly more complex tasks and eventually automate beyond human capabilities.

The combination of UiPath and DataRobot unlocks AI-Driven Process Automation, an emerging suite of business improvements that assist the knowledge worker by automating repetitive tasks and freeing you up to focus on creative and challenging problems. By infusing machine learning into rules-based processes, AI-Driven Process Automation can mimic the actions of humans which leads to increased worker performance, reduction of operational risks, and improved response times and customer journey experiences.

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