The AI-Driven Enterprise

AI has gone from science fiction to the front page of The Wall Street Journal. It’s no longer a curiosity – it’s a business imperative. You have a vision. You want to see AI drive value in every corner of your business. But how do you get started? And how do you get there before your competition?

DataRobot provides the ideal combination of automated machine learning, comprehensive training, and professional services to make your vision real.

Our people work with your people, at all levels. Our methods help you find ways to put AI to work.

Deliver Massive Results

Roadmap for Success

You want to see AI drive value in every corner of your business. But how do you get started? DataRobot works with you to define an AI Roadmap that details your vision. DataRobot automation. Training from DataRobot University. Guidance from DataRobot AI Services. With these tools, your team has clear sailing.

Measurable Impact

If AI projects don’t drive value, your AI program fails. Measure your projects’ impact on revenue and costs. That way, you can decide how to spend time and money. DataRobot helps you quantify value. You can identify and prioritize low-hanging fruit. Success breeds success. You build momentum.

Grow Your Business

You know what you can do today with AI. And DataRobot delivers the tools you need for those challenges. As your people gain skills and confidence, they will discover new ways to drive value with AI. DataRobot is your partner for change. We help you grow ahead of your rivals.

Working with DataRobot

DataRobot AI Services helps you define an AI Roadmap that details your vision. Roadmap in hand, you can focus on projects with the highest return and least risk.

DataRobot has the industry’s largest team of customer-facing data scientists (CFDS). Each CFDS has significant working experience with practical data science. The CFDS helps your team get started with DataRobot. A dedicated CFDS from DataRobot AI Services helps your team deliver value.

DataRobot University delivers comprehensive training to get the most from DataRobot. With training in multiple languages, DataRobot University has the ideal combination of streamlined overview courses and specialized training to help your team get things done faster.

DataRobot AI Services works with hundreds of customers in diverse industries to solve problems and exceed their goals. Data scientists, systems architects, and business consultants can deliver the skills you need, where you need them. With the right mix of people, you can count on speedy and accurate results.

See how DataRobot AI Services helps you create the AI-Driven Enterprise