Add external data to time series forecasts

Improve your time series forecasting model accuracy with external data signal automatically discovered using Ready Signal

Ready Signal connects you to 500+ external data sources that are normalized and updated daily.
The solution saves data science organizations time from having to manually procure, test, and engineer control data that has a material impact on model performance and predictions.
Access Ready SIgnal from DataRobot Notebooks directly makes it easy to enrich your data without having to leave the DataRobot environment. 

How it Works

We provided access to the Ready Signal UI and API for integration with DataRobot to augment your time series projects. An example workflow is laid out in the AI Accelerator. Ready Signal’s AutoDiscovery feature automatically compares your target variable to the 500+ control features within Ready Signal. It identifies the features that are most useful for predicting the target variable. Machine learning model can be then developed and deployed with augmented dataset in DataRobot.

The workflow can be applied to any time series forecasting project. Data Science consulting and implementation services are available through Ready Signal. 

Key Deliverables

  • All data sources available in Ready Signal
  • Feature aggregation and signal discovery in Ready Signal
  • Time Series models in DataRobot
  • Expertise from both DataRobot and Ready Signal to provide consulting and implementation services

About the Partner

Ready Signal is an AI-powered data platform that provides access to over 500 normalized, aggregated, and automatically updated data sources for predictive modeling, experimentation, business intelligence, and other data enrichment needs. Ready Signal provides a comprehensive control data catalog with an AI-powered recommendation engine to help DataRobot users find highly relevant leading indicators from external sources and seamlessly integrate them into your ML Experimentation & Models. The data catalog includes micro/macro-economic indicators, labor statistics, demographics, weather, and more. Its AI recommendation engine and auto feature engineering capabilities make it easy to integrate with existing data pipelines and analytics tooling, accelerating and enhancing how relevant third-party data is leveraged. Ready Signal saves data science organizations time from having to manually procure, test, and engineer control data that has a material impact on model performance and predictions. 

Solution Diagram

RXA solution diagram

Success Story

At Outsell, we are focused on helping car dealerships drive sales and service revenue by improving customer relationships through our AI based customer lifecycle marketing platform. Ready Signal’s control data improves the accuracy of our models and I never have to worry about the data being up to date. Ready Signal keeps everything current for us. -Matt Kristo, Sr. Manager, Analytics Services
matt kristo
Matt Kristo

Insights Manager at Outsell

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