DataRobot Extends Pro Bono AI Platform Licenses to Nonprofit and Social Good Organizations

July 23, 2020

In celebration of the first anniversary of the company’s AI for Good program launch, DataRobot expands platform trial offer to democratize AI and accelerate social good initiatives

July 23, 2020 – BOSTON – To celebrate the anniversary of the launch of its AI for Good program, DataRobot today announced that it is extending pro bono cloud licenses of its enterprise AI platform to qualified nonprofit and social good organizations. Building on the success seen by the organizations already a part of the program as well as those that leveraged its offering to aid COVID-19 research, DataRobot aims to further democratize AI and ultimately enable more charitable organizations to solve critical global issues using AI.

DataRobot launched its AI for Good program last July to help nonprofit and social good organizations accelerate their efforts to solve the world’s most pressing problems. After an extensive evaluation process, DataRobot selected five beneficiaries as the inaugural participants in the program. By offering these organizations pro bono licenses to its platform and support from data scientists, field engineers, and AI success managers, DataRobot has promoted the use of AI to better understand and address critical issues such as water quality and access, patient care needs, and educational funding and resource requirements. Since the program has started, DataRobot has helped participating organizations create more than 1,200 projects and build nearly 75,000 models.

“Thanks to the generosity of the DataRobot ‘AI for Good’ program, we have been able to leverage the sophisticated AI tools to explore complex clinical data in our TRACK-SCI projects towards bridging research and clinical practice for spinal cord injury,” said Michael S. Beattie, PhD, Director of Research at Brain and Spinal Injury Center, UCSF (BASIC UCSF).

Building on the success experienced by UCSF and the other AI for Good participants, DataRobot will now offer nonprofit and social good organizations pro bono cloud licenses to its AI platform for 30 days. With DataRobot’s automated machine learning solution, users can automate every step needed to build, deploy, and maintain powerful AI. With DataRobot Data Prep, users can pull in data from cloud and local desktop files and prepare that data in any way to make it ready for machine learning.

“We’ve seen the transformative power that AI can have on organizations’ efforts to better understand – and manage – critical global issues,” said Chandler McCann, Data Science Practice Lead, DataRobot. “Organizations need to take advantage of every tool at their disposal to efficiently and strategically tackle issues plaguing our society – issues that in many cases have arisen or been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. By offering our AI platform pro bono to qualified nonprofit and social good organizations, we intend to help more institutions swiftly achieve their goals and improve the lives of millions of people around the world.”

DataRobot’s enhanced AI for Good program follows its offer to provide its platform free of charge to those interested in using AI to help with the COVID-19 response effort. This program saw considerable success, with more than 500 researchers leveraging the power of AI to create models to help inform and prepare at-risk communities. One such researcher, Chile-based Angel Alberto Aponte, used DataRobot to build a COVID-19 detection dashboard.

“This pandemic required me to work smarter and more effectively to deliver quick solutions,” said Aponte. “Using DataRobot I was able to create my COVID-19 detection dashboard in a matter of days.”

“NGOs and nonprofits have had bold visions of change for years,” continued McCann. “Now more than ever, we must band together to move those missions forward for society. AI can play a significant role in that effort, and if you have a mission to improve our world, we want to be by your side, accelerating that with AI.”

Interested organizations can apply for free access to the platform starting today. For more information about DataRobot’s AI for Good initiative, visit this webpage.

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