Tableau Extension F.A.Q.

  • How can I get the DataRobot for Tableau Extension?

    The Insights Extension is available on the Tableau Extension Gallery. The What-If Extension is available at DataRobot What-If. You can also learn more about the extension by downloading the DataRobot + Tableau Starter Kit.

  • What are the prerequisites to install and use the DataRobot for Tableau Extension?

    Any DataRobot cloud customer that also has Tableau can install and enjoy the DataRobot Extensions for Tableau. DataRobot Enterprise customers (on-premises) need version 4.5 or above to be able to use the Insights extension. The What-If extension will be available in the future release 5.0 of DataRobot Enterprise. Please note Tableau extensions are available in Tableau 2018.2 or newer versions. For more information about using extensions in Tableau, please see

  • What models are supported by the What-if extension?

    DataRobot Regression and Classification models are currently supported by the extension. Deployments using custom models or time series models are not supported by the extension at this time.

  • We are a current DataRobot customer, how can we use the DataRobot for Tableau Extension?

    DataRobot Enterprise customers must be on version 4.5 to use the Insight extension. Please contact your DataRobot support or account team to schedule an upgrade. The What-if extension will be available in the upcoming DataRobot Enterprise release 5,0. DataRobot Cloud customers can use both Insights and What-If DataRobot for Tableau Extensions now.

  • I do not currently have access to DataRobot how do I create my account and get started?

    Please contact DataRobot to find out how to get started on the platform. To contact us please visit the Contact Us page and fill out a general inquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.

  • Are there any limitations based on Tableau Worksheet data source types?

    Most Tableau supported data source types are supported in the extension. Note: image, blob and geospatial fields are not currently supported.

  • How much is the DataRobot for Tableau Extension?

    DataRobot has worked with Tableau to offer this complimentary extension to our customers.
    It is free.

  • What are data row/size limits?

    All data used within your Tableau Worksheet is sent to DataRobot through the extension. Currently Tableau’s extension does not support paging of large datasets. The limit is 10K rows of data. You can reduce the amount of data being sent through the extension with Tableau Data Source filters.
    To analyze large datasets, we recommend using DataRobot. It has robust large dataset support and APIs for much deeper analysis, real-time prediction scoring, and many other analytical use cases.

  • What are the implications of saving my DataRobot token in the Tableau workbook?

    The DataRobot extensions allow you to save your API token with the Tableau workbook so you don’t have to re-enter it each time you open the workbook. This option is disabled by default. Should you decide to use this feature please note that while the DataRobot API token is hidden in the Extension interface, it could still be accessed from the workbook using non-standard methods.

  • How is the prediction made when I don’t input all values in the What-If Extension?

    DataRobot automatically handles missing or incorrect values with pre-processing steps in the model. Those steps depend on the custom model that was deployed to power your What-If scenario and are documented in the blueprint of the model.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us: