AI Across Industries
2 min
The Demand Forecasting Challenge: Taking a Bite Out of the Supply Chain with AI

Staying in tune with consumer demands can be challenging, especially when these demands change almost daily. Tracking consumption patterns to predict demand is a monumental task. Previously, solving this problem involved spreadsheets or legacy statistical methods. But with automation and machine learning, artificial intelligence can help organizations slice through mounds of data to get more accurate and timely insights on consumer demand . Machine learning can build forecasts for hundreds of thousands of items and consider all of the minute details for each one of them, from seasonality to sales history. For example, automated machine learning can easily create separate models on clusters of products, using unsupervised ML techniques, to make predictions even more granular such as by store, week, and SKU.

September 23, 2020
Trusted AI
3 min
How Do We Make Machine Learning More Aligned with Human Values?

Cutting-edge algorithms and new research will continue to drive the advancement of machine learning. However, there’s a more straightforward way of resolving many challenges in machine learning today, especially when it comes to ethics and better alignment with human values. And it is not surprisingly, not focused on the technology, but rather on the people using it. For advanced AI and machine learning systems already in production, the focus is on delivering the intended value of the system, which is no longer a question of leveling up the technology or mathematical techniques behind it. Value-oriented approaches can be supported holistically by both the human expertise involved in creating AI and by the technology itself.

September 3, 2020