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Retail Banking and the AI Revolution

Competition in retail banking may now be more intense than ever as new entrants and innovators jostle with established providers for market share. Investment banks, card issuers, fintechs, even retailers are exploiting new channels and technology-enabled platforms to offer core banking services (deposits, payments, loans, investments) to retail clients.

AI and machine learning are being used by innovators to grab market share and create a superior client experience. But, AI and machine learning are also an opportunity for traditional players to up their game by leveraging their data and expertise. Organizations that fail to harness this technology will fall behind and may even cease to exist.

In this live webinar, H.P. Bunaes, General Manager of Banking and Fintech at DataRobot will discuss how today’s retail banks can leverage AI for everything from customer acquisition and relationship deepening to managing delinquent loans and optimizing portfolio management. Register and learn how some of the world’s leading retail banks are leveraging automated machine learning.


H.P. Bunaes
H.P. Bunaes

General Manager of Financial Services, DataRobot