On-Demand Webinar

GenAI Expert Tips: How to Focus on GenAI Outcomes, Not Infrastructure

GenAI integration and infrastructure management are not for the faint of heart. Unruly data, disjointed tools, and getting solutions into production are enough to make any AI builder’s head spin

Without a unified intelligence layer, disjointed GenAI tooling can often lead to bigger headaches than the ones they’re solving — even if it’s hyperscales like GCP or Amazon SageMaker.

In this webinar, our GenAI Expert Data Scientists, Jake Snyder and Brent Hinks will share proven pieces of advice to help move from wrestling with infrastructure to focusing on building awesome GenAI applications.


Jake Snyder
Jake Snyder

Director, Internal Data Science, Generative AI

Brent Hinks
Brent Hinks

Lead Data Scientist, DataRobot

You’ll learn:

  • How to quickly create a short-term, rudimentary GenAI model of your use-case for testing
  • Best practices for experimenting across various LLMs , prompting strategies and more
  • How to avoid tooling lock-in and maintain your autonomy of tooling choice What it really means to avoid Cloud vendor lock-in
  • How to think about LLMOps to keep your GenAI solutions up to date and running smoothly, and more!